What is that?

All-State Pest & Lawn technicians often get asked about the type of pest that our clients have found inside their home. The Silverfish is one of the pests we hear about the most. The Silverfish is a wingless insect that is normally found in humid, moist areas in your home. Their favorite places to hide out include the bathroom, basements and attics.

What does a Silverfish look like?

The Silverfish is about 3/4 inches long and has an oval, elongated body. It is typically brown or silver in color. It has 6 legs and long antennae.

What does a Silverfish eat?

Silverfish like to munch on paper, glue, clothing and food items like flour and oats. They can cause serious damage to wallpaper and books.

Memphis Silverfish Infestation

If you suspect that you have a Silverfish infestation, you should call All-State Pest & Lawn right away. Often times, the damage they can do is not easily found unless you know exactly what you are looking for. Contact Us today to learn about ways to deal with a Memphis Silverfish Infestation or click here to learn more about our Memphis pest control solutions.

Image of Silverfish from Wikimedia Commons CC By-SA 3.0, Christian Fischer, Author. 

3 Easy Ways to Jazz Up Your Memphis Landscape

When you’re visiting someone’s home, the first thing that you tend to notice is the garden. A garden tells a lot about the owner. A well kept garden might let people know how organized a person is and how they take care of their appearance, while a badly kept garden may tell you that the person is carefree.

In the case where a person wants to spice up their garden, they might find themselves at a crossroads where they can spend a lot of money to make their garden look more beautiful or just let it be because it is too expensive.

This blog explains how you can spend less and make your Memphis landscape look like an absolute delight to stare at or be in.

Get some old furniture

The easiest way that you can make your garden look interesting is adding some furniture to it. Buying garden furniture is hard work and can be a little hurtful for the pocket but there is an alternate solution. Go out and scavenge for some old furniture that you find interesting and then spray paint it. If you have colorful furniture for your garden, you can add other ornaments of the same color to make it look more playful.

For a garden to look good with furniture, add some mulch to your grass so that it stays moisturized and weed free, giving you a greener and healthier garden. Paint your furniture in a color that compliments the green grass such as red, light blue, cyan or even purple. Decorate the garden with things that are of the same color as your furniture.

Plant flowers

It is no secret that to make a garden look more appealing, flowers can play a very important role. To keep the variety; seasonal flowers are available which you can keep on planting as the seasons come. Try to make a nice arrangement out of it. Create a circle, or plant them on the side of a defined path.

Flowers not only enhance the look of your garden but also add beautiful fragrances for everyone to enjoy. Memphis landscape services are available for people who want to know which flowers to plant and when.

Landscape Focal points

For a garden to look symmetrical and serene, it is important to define focal points. A focal point can be anything, from a fountain to a bird bath or even a circular arrangement of seasonal flowers. Focal points add a comforting look to the garden. If there is an arch leading to the focal point, it should be kept in mind that the arch is midway and the focal point is the first thing that a person sees when they are entering the garden.

If you require more information on easy garden landscaping, be sure to contact All State Pest and Lawn at (901) 757-9111. All State Pest and Lawn are experts providing Memphis landscape services that can have your garden looking like the best in the neighborhood.

Mild Winter Causes Surge in Memphis Pest Populations

When you’re living in Memphis, you might be able to tell that the area experiences a mild winter before the actual winter months arrive. These months have been known to give rise to certain unwanted guests in homes and yards.

Then, during winter, these insects go into hibernation as it slows down their metabolism and reproductive cycles but an above average temperature in the winter may cause these insects to awake from slumber and cause problems for the people living in areas with this weather. You may see a larger number of mosquitoes, ants, roaches, ants and termites on your property after or during mild winter months.


Memphis pest control services are very well aware of their old foe, the Mosquito. Mosquitoes are known to be a pest inside and outside the house. The timing when mosquitoes are known to come out and bother people is around Dawn and Dusk so it is better to stay home during these hours. It is also best to avoid contact with mosquitoes as they are known to carry dangerous diseases such as Malaria and Dengue.

Mosquitoes tend to accumulate in areas that have standing water near them. During the mild winter season, precautionary measures such as cleaning out the standing water in the gutters and draining wet areas of the lawn is recommended.


Ants are amazing creatures that function just like a human society with different roles assigned to different groups, but they can be very annoying if they spot a picnic or find a way into your home. Ants scavenge food and leave a trail of pheromones for their buddies to follow which can help all of them locate food. They are really pesky as they can easily climb through cracks and smell their way over to the leftover food.

Avoid ants by removing all the uneaten food from the table immediately and be sure to clean up any spills and crumbs from crispy snacks.


The sight of a cockroach sends shivers down the spines of many. The ancient creatures are the only ones that can survive a nuclear holocaust, but nobody wants them around in the house. Cockroaches accumulate germs and filth onto themselves and can spread diseases such as diarrhea, cholera and even asthma. They are nocturnal creatures and in case you see one during the day time, it means there is an over infestation.


Termite swarms can be a real problem for a home owner in the spring. Termites tend to attack homes rather than going out and searching for food and you might find your wood work and furniture slowly becoming as thin as paper.

Termites tend to live in moist areas like mud tubes in the home foundations. The only effective way to get rid of termites is calling the exterminator and attacking them with pesticides. Flushing the ground near the house with chemicals is also necessary as termites travel in the ground and can survive attacks by burrowing their way out.

As the temperatures rise above average, a dire need for pest control in Memphis arises. Be sure to contact All State Pest and Lawn services for a pest free and happy home.