Bed Bug Infestations Are On The Increase – Here Is What You Should Know!

Imagine crawly, creepy insects moving on your body and biting you while you sleep. Did you cringe just by thinking about it? Bed bug infestation is something that is not always linked with cleanliness and can happen to anyone. While their presence is hard to detect, there are still a number of definite ways that can help you in determining if you have an outbreak of bed bugs in your home. The best way would be to catch a bed bug and give a sample to a pest control technician. Catching a bed bug, however, may not be an easy task. Let us look at the ways you can find out if there is a bed bug outbreak in your home.

Bed Bugs Warning Signs

There are many ways you can catch an early outbreak of bed bugs and get help from a reputable Memphis Bed Bug exterminating company. Here are the signs you should look for if you fear you have a bed bug outbreak in your house.

Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs bite your bodies, so the most effective and common way of establishing if you have these creepy creatures in your house is by checking for bites on your bodies. Bed bugs bite you during your sleep as they live on box springs, mattresses, pillows and in various kinds of furniture.

Blood Stains and Smears From Bed Bugs

Notice your bed sheets and mattresses for blood stains and smears that come when bed bugs are crushed by you while sleeping. You will find these stains on your pillows and even on the clothes you are wearing.

Bed Bug Skins

Bed bugs shed their skin about 5 times before reaching maturity. You can look out for these shed skins that look like an empty egg shell. This can be a big sign of having bed bugs in your house.

Distinctive Odor

There is a musty sweet smell associated with the presence of distinctive odor. The smell is strong near places that have a high infestation of bed bugs. It can be a reliable way of confirming the presence of bed bugs in your furniture and bedding If you feel such smell coming from your furniture or bedding.

Bed Bug Egg Shells

If you find small sized egg shells, about 1mm in length- around rough furniture surfaces and other corners of your house, it is a big sign that you might have bed bug infestation. The egg shells look like dried out casting of the small creepy creatures but are flattened and less shiny

Bed bugs can travel from one place to another; hence they can easily travel from one place of your house to another by simply lodging on your clothing or luggage without you even noticing their presence. If you feel their presence anywhere in your house, it is important to take professional help right away.

If you are seeking solution for bed bugs infestation and need help of an experienced company, contact All-State Pest and Lawn today and get rid of these creepy creatures right away.

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