Have you been hearing noises from your walls lately? Do you think you just saw a mouse running in your kitchen?

Mice and rats are not only a great nuisance but can also cause some serious property damage. They are also infamous for causing some serious diseases. But how can know if they are living in your house unnoticed? For starters, you will often see shredded paper or fabric and rodent droppings near areas where you store food. If you feel that these tiny animals are living in your house, getting help from a reputable Memphis rodent control company becomes necessary.

If you have been trying poison these little tailed beasts, to keep them away from your house or trying to trap them using mouse traps, then this will not prevent these animals from coming to your home in future. You need to take serious measures either yourself or through a professional company well known for rodent control.

Here are some tips that can help you in preventing mice and rats from living in and ruining your property and causing serious health impacts.

1.     Seal Entry Points

Rats and mice don’t need open doors and wide spaces to sneak into your house. All they need us a small opening and they will make their way to their favorite hiding places. To keep rats and mice away from entering your property ever again, you need to make sure that you seal all the entry points that they may be using to enter your house. What to use to seal these small entry points? Using cardboard will not be suitable because they will chew it up. Instead, you should use metal mesh to secure your house from rodents.

2.     Greenery

To make sure rodents and also pests stay away from entering your house, keep a distance of at least 2 feet between greenery and your building. This will prevent rodents from getting any hiding places and will make it easier to keep them away from your house.

3.     Keep Food in Secure Locations

One of the main things that attract rodents to enter your house is food. You are going to keep facing the problem of rodents unless you start keeping your food secure. It is also necessary that you keep your surroundings clean and away from any leftover food.

4.     Trash Bins

Having trash bins with no lids is also one of the main things that attract rodents to enter your house. Replace your trash bins if they do not have a lid or have cracks in them. Keep these bins away from the building to make sure that these rodents don’t find the way into your house.

The tips mentioned above can be helpful when it comes to controlling rodents. But, what to do if there is a big family of mice living in your house? This is where professional rodent control services come into play. It is important to get help from a professional rodent control Memphis company to help you keep your houses rodents free.