Are you looking for a reliable Memphis lawn care company?

Do you find it difficult to manage and maintain your lawn?

Are you looking for a company that can provide you help with this ordeal that you don’t get time for?

Do you want to keep your lawn trimmed and well maintained?

While there are many lawn care companies out there that claim to provide the best services, not everyone will turn out to be suitable for you. Picking the right company for the maintenance of your lawn is very important to make sure your time and money isn’t wasted.

If you are looking for a Memphis lawn care company to help you out with the maintenance of your lawn, here are some things that you need to consider.

License and Insurance

Look for a lawn maintenance company that is licensed and insured. You will find plenty of them in the market that are working without any insurance and license. To avoid any problems later on, choose a company that is licensed to do this work and is also insured.

Customer service

Before you decide on picking a lawn maintenance company, make sure that you check the customer reviews. You will not get a better idea of the service the company is providing from anywhere other than the customers they have already served. The customers will give you the true account of their services and this is what matters the most.


You can get to know about the reputation of the company from its customers. Make sure you pick a company that is well reviewed and know what they are doing. A company that has served many customers and has a list of customers that are satisfied with their services is the one that you need to choose. Research online and contact previous customers of the company to get an idea about their reputation.


Maintenance of the equipments of by the lawn care company is something that also needs to be taken into account before choosing them. The overall maintenance and the look of your lawn will be largely dependent on the machines they are using and therefore, they need to be well maintained.

It can be difficult choosing the right servicing company for your lawn. What is important here is that you should pick the one with good reputation, history and customer service. All-State Pest Lawn offers just everything that you are looking for in a Memphis lawn maintenance company.