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The presence of rodents is not a problem too uncommon these days. There are many homeowners that complain of hearing noises from the walls or seeing small food particles scattered here and there when they wake up in the morning.

Rodents can cause some serious damage to your property besides being a great source of nuisance. They are also one of the main source some serious health issues. It is often not easy to know if they are present in the house or not until it is too late.

One of the main signs of the presence of rodents in your house is the presence of shredded fabric or papers, rodent droppings and noise from within the walls. If you see any of these signs, you should immediately consult a Memphis rodent control company that can help you right away.

Here are some tips that you can use to stop rodents from entering and ruining your property.

Rodent Control Tip #1 – Store Food in Safe Locations

Rodents are attracted to food which brings them to your house. If you have food that is left in the open or stored in unsafe locations, the time to make changes is now. If you keep food secured and store them in locations that are not easy to reach by rodents, plus keep your surroundings clean, there are high chances that rodents will not make your house their own place.

Rodent Control Tip #2 – Sealing Entry Points

It does not need an open door or a wide space for rodents to enter your house. A small opening is what they need and they will become a part of your house. To make sure that rodents don’t enter your house, secure any small openings and seal them to avoid any rodent problems. Using cardboard will not help as rodents have sharp teeth that they can use to chew up the cardboard. Instead, use metal mesh it seal all small entry points that you think rodents can use to enter the house.

Rodent Control Tip #3 – Cover Trash Bins

One of the favorite places for rodents for feasting is uncovered trash bins. They find leftover food there and are always happy to feast on it. Keeping trash bins covered and away from your house can help your house stay clean from the problem of rodents.

If you are looking for an expert Memphis rodent control company, All-State Pest and Lawn offers diverse solutions.

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