It’s getting colder here in Memphis, which means you’ll be spending most of your time shacked up in a cozy corner inside the house. With less time being spent outdoors, lawn care is probably the last thing on your mind. In fact, why bother at all? After all, grass and wild shrubs tend to grow slower during this season, right?

Well, they grow at a slower rate because they are preparing for the winter season. During the fall season, grass absorbs all the nutrients it can get so as to survive during the colder weather that’ll follow. Without a solid lawn-care and weed-control plan, once the winter clears, you’ll be greeted by weeds growing all around your yard.

At All State Pest & Lawn, we believe that this season is the ideal time to not only prepare your yard for the upcoming harsh temperatures, but also to also fix the damage that was caused during the dry and hot summer. This article details both these processes, starting with the latter.

Repairing Your Lawn after the Summer Season

Summer can take its toll on lawns. With Memphis’ scorching summer temperatures, the soil gets dry and hard. This in turn causes air flow to be blocked for the roots underneath, resulting in a domino effect that can easily destroy the greenest of yards. This is why lawn care is of utmost importance, both during and after the Summer season.


Depending on the soil conditions of your yard, it may be a good idea to aerate your yard as often as every other year. Areas with higher than usual foot traffic or vehicle traffic may require aeration even more often, to avoid a condition called soil-compaction.

Aeration is important as plants need sufficient water and oxygen to grow healthily, and hard soil can block the circulation of these essentials.

Aeration involves poking holes within the surface of the yard using a machine called a core aerator. The professionals at All-State Pest and Lawn can help you determine if your yard needs core aeration, and if so can take of it for you promptly.


Use a suitable fertilizer to fertilize the soil with nutrients. Trust the professionals at All-State Pest and Lawn to ensure that your lawn is properly fertilized. They’ll ensure that your lawn is healthy from root to blade, and that it’s perfectly green and lush in the Summertime!

Preparing Your Lawn for the Year Ahead

Now that we’re done with repairing the past damage, let’s discuss how you can observe proper lawn maintenance during the fall season.


Mowing isn’t really fun, but it’s important if you don’t want your lawn to grow uneven grass. The lawn maintenance team at All-State Pest and Lawn will ensure that your lawn is properly mowed during the Fall, and it goes into dormancy at the proper height to weather the Winter.


Keep your lawn raked. Fallen leaves can get crumpled together due to increased moisture and rain, ultimately suffocating the grass underneath while being a breeding ground for fungi. If the thought of raking your yard is too much to bear, call All-State Pest and Lawn … they’ll keep your lawn leaf-free.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Like most plants, many weeds also go dormant during the colder season, meaning they’ll burst out once the temperatures have risen again. It’s a good idea to apply a pre-emergent herbicide during the winter months to ensure that the weeds won’t sprout in the Spring.

Looking to weatherproof your lawn this fall? Try All State Pest & Lawn, a Memphis Lawn Care and Landscaping company.