Holiday preparations are in full swing with only a few nights before Christmas finally arrives.    Wrapping Christmas presents, doing the groceries, booking last-minute trips, and calling friends and relatives are the joys of this season, but they might also be stressful and exhausting. Parties, get-togethers, and reunions are likewise present left and right, bringing families and friends all together. With all these yuletide errands and jamborees, one of the priorities to maintain the sanitation and good condition of the house slides down the check list. It’s always a feast during the holiday season, but not only are you devouring sweet treats and roasted meat. 

Uninvited but always present are the house pets and bugs during the holiday season. The kitchen is a place of gathering not only for people, but for pests as well. Since this is the period where ice, snow, and frost, cover the whole neighborhood, it is natural for insects to look for refuge inside the homes of humans. What pulls certain pests and bugs inside residences is not just warmth and protection, but also food. These reasons, most especially the last one, might cause a diaspora of certain species in one’s residence. When this happens, it’s time to look for a pest control company in Memphis to solve the problem.

Pantry pests enter the homes of families since they are attracted to certain items that appear as food. Whether it’s chocolate or a box of cereals, it could be a source of infestation this holiday season. The usual species an exterminator would encounter are moths and beetles. An example is the cigarette beetle that feeds off of spices, grains, seeds, and dried plants. They are also found lurking near potatoes, raisin, and rice. Pest control companies also identify another example, which is the granary weevil, known to attack mostly grain kernel, and on occasion, macaroni and spaghetti noodles. Other species are the Indian Meal Moth which are attracted to fruits, nuts, chocolate, and candy, likewise, the Khapra beetle that feeds on animal skin and barley. 

The aforementioned bugs already give the hint that they will feed on anything that has those as ingredients. Storing those food items in cupboards aren’t even a hindrance to them as wooden furniture and cardboard are all edible for them; plus, they would do anything to get their food. To stop them from ruining your favorite holiday recipes, considering help from a Memphis pest control company is a necessary course of action. 

Individuals should not take infestation lightly. As a matter of fact, pest control service is a necessity since not only do bugs and pests feed on your food, but they contaminate them as well. Pantry pests take the opportunity of any sighted openings and leftover of food, but inevitably, they leave certain substances that pose a great danger to our health. Either they will drop their eggs there, secrete fluids, or leave behind body parts that you might end up digesting or contracting disease from.Other than affecting the consumers’ health, the food’s taste and shelf life are also compromised. Consulting advice and acquiring services from All-State Pest and Lawn will guarantee quick and effective solutions to get this problem off of your hands. 

Professional bug control service providers have the edge in effectively exterminating pests from one’s home given their expertise and equipment. Usually, the experts employ concentrated solutions, pest dusts, and residual aerosols that can intoxicate them when they step or land on surfaces sprayed with these chemicals. They also provide pest traps for catching moths, beetles, and even ants. The science behind the pest traps is that they place moth and beetle pheromones or sex lures so that they can attract the male insects. Once inside the trap, they cage the bugs and pests, and kill them eventually. On the other hand, aerosol products are used to spray into crevices and openings to reach the breeding ground of these pests and kill the larvae laid by the mother insects. Though these products do not guarantee instant knockdown of the pests, they help by disrupting the mating organs of those exposed to the chemical, likewise cause the dysfunction of certain body parts such as their wings. Its effectivity can last up to 8 weeks when sprayed on a certain surface. 

Prior to the treatment, foods exposed should be properly stored and airtight sealed in containers or plastic bags. One should also clean the countertop and remove food items, even spices, to avoid contamination. 

Despite all these promising conveniences of pest control, homeowners should do their own share of prevention of pest and bug infestation in their own homes. It’s nice to start with examining all items and goods bought in groceries and stores. If you see a hole or a defect in the packaging, return the item and get another product instead. When storing them, it is advised to put them in containers with tight grips and locks so no insect can creep inside them. This is most appropriate for seeds, nuts, grain, spices, and oats. Cabinets should always be cleaned first; remove all spills, wipe moisture or wet areas, and wash containers and trays where they will be placed. If food items can be placed inside the refrigerator even before opening, it’s better to place them in the fridge rather to risk pest and bug contamination. Pungent-smelling herbs and plants can also be attached to jars and containers such as bay leaves to repel pests and bugs. Proper garbage disposal should be observed to avoid providing new living quarters for pests and even mice. 

As far as prevention and action is concerned, monitoring the home for infestation share the same weight in importance. Always have a watchful and keen eye if there are small eggs or larvae on table and counter tops. Likewise, check if drainages, sinks, and pipes have signs of webbing. 

Overall, food, whether stored, opened, or cooked, will always attract pests. To prevent from contamination, spoilage, and infestation, families should not overlook pest control, most especially during the Holidays, where food is abundant.