Our landscape maintenance services can transform your lawn into a decadent outdoor showcase.

We believe a high-quality design is the best thing to star with when you want to have a great landscape. Your yard is as much a part of your home as your bedroom is. Whether you use your lawn or not, it’s still there and visible for other people to look at.

Many homeowner’s associations have specific practices that they require of their members. Keeping up with all of those rules can be difficult, so you might find it a lot less stressful to just hire a landscaping expert for your residential landscape maintenance needs.

City ordinances also have specific requirements for people who own commercial buildings. Some cities require a certain type and number of trees, for example. Getting a good landscaper for your business is important, because nobody likes having to deal with paying fees and fines for not following your town’s regulations and guidelines. Commercial landscape maintenance is easy if you call All-State Pest and Lawn.

If you’re interested in spicing up your lawn with some seasonal colors, we offer a variety of seasonal flowers.

For spring flowering, you might want some snapdragons (reds, whites, and yellows) or sweet peas (a variety of pinks, whites, and purples) for Easter or Mother’s Day.

For summer flowering, you might want zinnias (whites, pinks, oranges, and yellows) or begonias (yellows, blues, oranges, whites, light pinks, and reds) for a splash of summer color across your lawn.

Other popular flowers include marigolds, irises, sunflowers, periwinkle, chrysanthemums, orchids, geraniums, pansies, poppies, dahlias, tulips, lavender, roses, hydrangeas, Asiatic lilies, lilacs, larkspur, and even flowering kale!

We’ll plant premium flowers for you and even follow up with a custom fertilization plan that will help you maximize their growth and colors for your preferred seasons.

We also offer mulching services. Getting mulch can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home while protecting and separating the shrubs and flowers in your yard. Mulch can also decrease weed growth, protect your plants from sudden weather changes, and make sure that your plants are getting even amounts of water.

Hardscape design is another one of our services. If you want more out of your landscape than just a pretty lawn, then we can turn your outdoor space into a functional part of your property. Landscaping here in this sense would include things like patio extensions, fire pits, ponds, and more.

Want water features? Lighting and walkways? Patios? We can provide them all!

Not sure what’s right for you? All-State Pest and Lawn can work with you at a scheduled meeting so our representatives can learn about you, your property, and your goals for your landscaping. Then, we’ll work with you to develop not only what your landscape will look like but a personalized landscape maintenance plan just for you and your individual needs!

Want to do some landscaping on your own? Some types of landscape maintenance are easier than others. For example, mowing your lawn should be done on a consistent basis. It needs to have a regular schedule of mowing, with the blades sharp and the cut directions varying. Try to avoid removing more than one-third of the leaf blade in one mowing. Doing more than that will put additional stress on your lawn, which affects your plants’ colors and growing habits. Mow your lawn low in the spring, and raise the blade as the temperatures rise. It fills in bare spots in the spring while protecting the soil in the summer when you have to deal with that pesky summer heat and weed germination.

Watering schedules can be made easy, too, when it comes to landscape maintenance. If you want to water your lawn, then you should water it in the early parts of the morning or late in the afternoon. It is important to avoid watering during the mid-afternoon heat! You don’t have to water them all the time, so you can do it less often and for longer periods.

At most, you should water it 2 to 3 times a week, if your grass gains 1 to 2 inches of height. Watering this way allows the roots to grow deeper in the soil, which allows for tough turf and optimization of water consumption. Not sure how much water you’re using? Use a rain gauge if you want to keep up with more accurate measurements.

When using our lawn service products, you can expect them to be ready for ready within one hour of applying them. They need rain in order to evenly move through the soil, but this process may affect weed-killers when it rains.

Landscape maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the appearance and health of your lawn. All plants need time, water, and nutrients, and we at All-State Pest and Lawn know just what you need for your yard to be happy, healthy, colorful, and vibrant. Call us now for a free quote!