Termites are serious pests that must be controlled before they infest and destroy your house. There are recommended Termite Control methods, which can be adopted and used to eliminate the vermin. You need to consult your local extension agency or government department on the best methods that can be used to control termites in your area.

Why Termites Should Be Controlled

Termite removal is important because if left unchecked, they can cause millions of dollars of damage within a short span of time. They feed on wood, books, papers insulation siltation systems and even destroy swimming pool liners. They injure trees and can invade and destroy plants in the farm. When they infest buildings, they can cause havoc and damage its structure, and make it lose value. This is why a termite infestation report is important when buying or selling a home since it shows the extent of damage caused to the home by the termites.

How to Know Homes That Have Been Infected

Before taking measures to control termites it is important to establish if the home has been infested or not.  The presence of winged termites in your house is a manifestation that your home has been infested and so appropriate methods should be used to control the vermin before they cause more havoc. The presence of termite swarmers in the wood piles or tree stamps indicates that there is a colon around your compound and your house could be at the risk of being infested. If the winged termites emerge from the patio, adjoining porches or the base of your foundation, it shows that your house is infested and urgent treatment measures should be taken to deal with the vermin.

Also, the presence of earthen tubes that extend over the foundation walls, floor joists, sill plates, and support piers are signs that your home has been infested and urgent termite control measures should be taken to eliminate the problem. The tubes protect and shelter the termites as they travel from their colonies to the targeted structure. Check if the tubes are active by opening them to see if the small creamy white termites are present. The absence of the creamy termites (workers) in the tube does not mean that your house is safe. Normally, termites will always abandon some section of the tube while searching for another structure.

Check if the wood is hollowed out along its grain. The presence of mud or soil lining indicates that the home is infested with termites. Also, sunken or rippled traces are signs of termites, and so it may require that you find an appropriate way of controlling them before they cause havoc.

How to Control Termites

Once Termite Infestation has been confirmed, it is important that you plan how you can control them. You can talk to experts who will sign a Termite Contract with you to help control the pests or treat the house to get rid of the termites.  To effectively rid the home of the termites, it may require specialized skills. First, some knowledge of building construction is needed to help identify critical areas where termites are likely to use to enter the house. These are points that are normally hidden and difficult to identify.  Also, it may require specialized equipment such as soil treatment rods, large capacity tanks, pumps, and masonry drills. You may need to inject a liquid pesticide referred to as termiticide into the ground alongside the foundation and beneath the concrete slab and the walls to kill termites.

This is certainly a difficult job that should be left to professionals. The team at All-State Pest and Lawn are experts you can rely on to treat and eliminate termites. We are licensed and we are responsible for controlling termites in Memphis. We have access to training and technical information that you would need to do the job and ensure that your house is termite free. When you contact us, we create time to visit your home and inspect it before we give you a Termite Inspection report. Depending on the method of treatment that we choose to use, we shall give you our estimate and allow you time to decide whether we proceed with the job or not.

Ideally, we use two types of treatment: baits and liquids. We apply termiticides to kill termites in the ground and stop them from entering the buildings. We also use repellent and non-repellent materials to kills termites tunnelling into the ground.

Areas to Target

Spot treatments may not give the best results when it comes to termite treatment since the vermin may eventually find other points of entry and destroy your structure. We sometimes use perimeter treatment; where we apply non-repellent liquid termiticides around the entire outside foundation wall. In our Termite Contract, we have a clause which binds us to return and treat the affected area if the insects are not completely eliminated. Our clients do not incur additional charges for this activities. Note that the liquid treatment we use is effective, and will control termites for five years.

In conclusion, we are the only company in Memphis that is experienced in termite treatment. We will create an impenetrable chemical barrier that will effectively help in Termite control and protect your home from damage. When you hire us, you rest assured that you have hired a reputable and experienced company that will help control termites and ensure that your house is safe and free from the pests.