The truth is that you will most definitely know a healthy lawn when you first see it – it’s pretty much a lush, green and perfectly maintain carpet, smooth enough for a range of activities. Is your lawn looking like that? Maybe you have some dead grass patches here and there or maybe you can actually see the soil at certain parts? This is due to improper maintenance. Don’t feel bad, though, you are not the only one who fails to get everything done right as this is definitely not the easiest task. Ideally, having a professional to handle your lawn maintenance is what you want to be doing but there are quite a few things you can do on your own as well.

You’ve got to think about the needs of the grass. Curiously enough, the basics are particularly simple – sun, water and fertilizer – that’s all you need to think of. So, with this in mind, here are a few lawn care tips that you could take advantage of.

Summer is a hard time, especially if you live in an area where the temperatures get quite substantial. It is important to ensure that you employ the necessary protective protocols to prevent the grass from burning.

Mowing at the Right Height

Now, taller grass is going to shade the soil which is going to conveniently reduce the water evaporation. This is going to lead to stronger and deeper roots. Additionally, it is also going to prevent the weed seeds from getting germinated. Of course, it’s impossible to give you a recommendation on the length of the grass as this is something particularly individual and it would depend on the type of grass that you have planted. In a nutshell, though, you should make sure that you cut only about one third of the leaf when you are mowing.  Learn how All-State Pest and Lawn can help you with your lawn mowing needs!

Proper Irrigation

Obviously, irrigation and water retention is going to be your biggest challenge throughout the hot summer temperature. The thing that you need to be mostly careful of, however, is not the amount of water that you use, it’s the time when you water the lawn.

Water is transparent and it has the ability to amplify the sun rays. Therefore, when it is on the plant, the water drops are going to make the sunlight burn the leaf. It’s as simple as that. This is why you should be watering your lawn later, when the sun has already set. An alternative would be to do it very early in the morning before the sunrise but then you’d have to allow it enough time to dry out. If you fail to do this, you will start noticing how certain parts of you lawn slowly start to burn out, becoming more yellow than green.

Cleaning up after Your Pets

If you have pets, they are likely to do their business in the lawn. However, dog urine, for instance, could have very serious harmful effects on the grass. That’s why it is important to ensure that you handle it accordingly. Flush it with water and make sure that it dilutes in the soil.

Of course, this is not a sustainable approach. What you need to consider is creating a mulched area or a pebbled one where your dog should go when it needs to. You wouldn’t be able to constantly supervise your dog and, quite frankly, you shouldn’t have to.

Avoid Parking

Even though this is not a specific summer lawn care tip, it’s one that you need to know. Parking or driving on your lawn is absolutely never a good idea. This is going to lead to compaction of the soil which is going to cause your grass to die out. This is a promise and it is especially true when it’s extremely hot outside or there is a drought. During these periods it is even advisable to actively reduce footstep traffic on your lawn in order to avoid any serious damage to the turf crowns.

Lawn Spraying

Regardless of whether it’s a matter of fertilization or weed control, lawn spraying is something that’s going to help you out conveniently. This is a quick process, usually handled by professionals, which is going to beautify your lawn and keep harmful weeds away. It’s also going to ensure that the lawn receives the necessary nutrients to become an inviting part of your garden.

Sharpen the Blades of Your Mower

The thing about dull blades is that they don’t really cut the grass – they tear it. This creates brown edges which are ragged and unpleasant to watch. What is more, however, is that this leaves the grass open to diseases. This is why sharpening your blades is absolutely critical.

How often should you do so? There is a general rule of thumb here which states that you should sharp your blades every 10 hours of active mowing. It’s not a time consuming endeavor and it’s one that you can handle with ease.


The turf which is warm-season is going to grow very strongly during the summer period. This is why it’s going to need a lot of nutrients. Go ahead and check out the local store for the best fertilizers that you can use in your specific region.

As you can see for yourself, there are quite a few things that you ought to know in order to ensure that everything is handled properly. Of course, there is a serious amount of specifications that you’d have to be aware of and there is a range of additional things to be considered. These, however, cover the basics that we mentioned in the beginning and if you get them done properly, they might be enough for a healthy lawn. On the other hand, if you want to make sure that your lawn is treated professionally, you ought to work with a specialized landscaping lawn care company which is going to have it maintained as per the highest industry standards.

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