Mosquitoes are well-known for the habits of their adult females which suck on our blood in order to generate and feed their eggs. The result is always the same: an itchy pimple which is one of the most annoying things that you could go through. While the itchiness itself is definitely a truly painful thing to handle, there are far more serious consequences that you should consider. Mosquitoes could easily carry tremendously dangerous diseases and they could easily cause very challenging health conditions.

Obviously, mosquito control is critical and yet a lot of people disregard it. They rely on a lot of DIY, homemade solutions which are far from being as effective as they need to be to truly make a difference. This is something that you need to consider.

When it comes to preventing these pests from infesting your home, nothing works as well as a tailored solution, executed and implemented by experienced and specialized professionals.

This is where All-State Pest comes into the picture. With years of experience in the field, we are going to get rid of current infestations and we will prep your home in a way which would disallow the pest to invade it. Let’s have a look at a few things that you ought to consider when it comes to it.

When Should You Call All-State Pest for Mosquito Control?

There are quite a lot of different signs of mosquito activity in our home that you might want to be on the look for. The well-known buzzing of their females as well as their annoying bites are definitely the most common red flags to consider. People tend to have different reactions to the latter, ranging from insignificant irritation to intense and very serious inflammation and swelling.

Why Call All-State Pest?

A lot of people think that spraying their home with some pest control solution would be effective enough to get rid of mosquitoes. While it might work for a while, there are so many shortcomings that you need to consider. It’s potentially toxic, it’s not long-term and it requires a lot of effort.

The truth is that effective mosquito control is a treatment which is usually an integrated effort which also involves the source reduction alongside the usage of certain chemicals when they are needed. These have to be taken care of by professionals in order to ensure that everything is handled as per the highest industry standards.

Because mosquitoes actually develop in the water, source reduction would usually target and would eliminate water sources which are favorable for breeding of mosquitoes.

While the source reduction is usually an effective long-term effect to mosquito control, the plan to get rid of them and to prevent any further infestations might require the additional usage of chemical products in order to supplement the overall reduction of the source.

The mosquito treatment plan that we institute usually begins with pest management through thorough property inspection as well as proper identifying the kind of the mosquitoes which cause the problem. Once the inspection as well as the identification is properly completed, your pest management professionals from All-State Pest will prepare a tailored mosquito control plan which provides recommendations as well as assistance for both source reduction as well as the needed usage of chemical products. Our intentions are to use as little of these as possible in order to prevent any potential complications.

What’s Our Mosquito Control Approach?

Our approach is a complex of different undertakings, geared towards effective reduction and ultimate elimination of the pest. This might involve a range of different steps, so here is what our process usually involves.

  • Preparing a diagram

We will prepare a diagram of your entire property which is going to depict the actual or the potential sites for mosquito development. These sites are usually identified as either man-made or natural ones which are capable of collecting water. Low areas around the property which are prone to such things after rain, flooded crawl spaces, clogged rain gutters, water which pools right around the downspouts as well as water which collects in cans and other potential areas of the kind.

  • Providing recommendations

Now, the most important part of the action plan is the actual execution. We will provide you with the most effective recommendations and after you approve of them, we can also implement them. This is undoubtedly amongst the most important things to consider.

  • Vegetation management

Of course, we can’t require you to take care of your plants in a certain way, but in order to make sure that your home is well protected from mosquitoes, we are going to provide you with professional recommendations regarding the same. A lot of different kinds of mosquitoes rest in the vegetation which grows in or around your home. It’s important to approach this carefully after exploring all the options.

We mentioned that chemical products might be required for mosquito treatment. Some of the popular ones include:

  1. Applying insect growth regulating chemicals which would prevent the development of the pest in their water habitats.
  2. Applying convenient microbial insecticide products which would cause the mortality in the water environments.
  3. Applying certain insecticides right to the vegetation that is used by adult mosquitoes for sheltering. Of course, the chemicals won’t harm your plants.

All in all, we believe that a professional approach is the way to go, given its effectiveness and merit. DIY solutions might seem like certain cost-effective options but the truth is that they will prove to be ineffective in the long-term and require additional money to handle afterwards. This is something that you shouldn’t have to pay for.

All-State Pest is a specialized company with years of experience in the field. We offer our clients with quick and convenient solutions for their issues.

Make sure to give us a call right away and we are going to figure out the most effective and cost-efficient plan to handle your pest-related issues.  Contact us today!