There are many several reasons to hire a bug control company. If you are terrified of spiders and there are a few hanging from your ceiling, then it doesn’t take much convincing as to why bug control is in order. Then, there are those who walk into their kitchens to find a bunch of ants trying to run off with dinner. Most times, this is when the choice is made to get on the bug extermination program.

Bug control can help save your property, make living more comfortable, and possibly protect you and your loved ones from health problems. Professional bug extermination cannot be bought in the nearest hardware store. There are professionals that know how to work with the chemicals that they use daily. Buying a can of fly killer may not even kill the pests but may be more harmful for the health.

Pests can harm your loved ones, it is a fact. Ticks carry Lyme Disease. Ants getting on your food is contamination. Hornets and wasps can sting and cause life threatening allergic reactions. These same bugs can also harm our family pets.

What Can a Bug Control Company Take Care Of?

Bug extermination that is performed by professionals, like All-State Pest and Lawn can usually eradicate the following pests and creatures from your home.

  • Wasps
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Ticks
  • Fleas
  • Ants
  • Bedbugs
  • Termites
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Squirrels
  • Mice and more

A main reason to have a bug professional bug service come in is because they can identify the problem. There are cases where family members are getting bit and have no idea from what. This family that is getting bit could have fleas or bedbugs in their home. Because they do not know the source of the problem, they call in the professional bug exterminators.

Bug Extermination Baits and Traps

Professional bug control is done my using traps and baits for the specific bug problem. Not all bugs will be drawn to the same bait. This is something that those in pest control are trained in. Professional bug control will know the proper dosages that are safe to use. These same professionals will also know how much and where to place the bait and traps. There are also bug control companies that use organic and green pest control.

As more people are realizing how some bugs or insects can be a good thing for the environment, there is now live trapping taking place. With the downfall of the bee population expert pest control businesses are now catching the bees alive and releasing them where they will not be a nuisance. This bee removal process allows for the bees to live and reproduce thus helping the environment.

Bug Control At The Source

Although there may be a pest problem, you do not know where the pests are gathering or where the source of the nest could be. For those who think the problem may just be small there could be these same pests multiplying somewhere in your home. Yes, sounds pretty creepy, right? This is another reason to get the professionals into your home. These are the trained professionals that know where individual types of bugs and insects like to make their nests and breeding. You may be able to kill those you can see but there may be more on the way.

The sources of infestation can be a combination of places. It may be in the garbage, in your walls, in the wood of your home, soil, and even in your plants. This is why it is so important to locate the source of the infestation. A bug exterminator will search until the source of the pest problem is found and then use the best methods to get those pesky critters out of your home.

Is the Cost of a Bug Control Company Worth it?

Many times, people will run out to the local hardware store and buy cans of bug killer and various kinds of bait traps. Does taking care of the bug problem yourself save money? The answer depends on how badly the bug infestation is. If there was just one ant or a couple of flies in the warm weather, then it may be worth taking care of it yourself. If the problem is bigger most odds will be on hiring a bug control company.

For example, you find a few ants in your kitchen and so go to the store and buy ant traps. You use the traps for about a week and do not see any more ants. Or, you see a few ants and set out the bait. A couple of weeks goes by and you are changing traps left and right because they just keep filling up. Over the long run you will spend more by buying traps than if you had just called in a professional bug exterminator.

It all depends on the circumstance and how fast you want bugs to disappear. If you have a big problem then call in a company like All-State Pest and Lawn who offers bug control services.  The sooner you get the professional bug control company into your home the faster your pests will be gone.

For those who are worried about the ticks, fleas, and mosquitos in their backyards, there are professional bug exterminators that will treat your property. There are diverse types of methods used for fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. The safer you and your family are the better you will feel.

Contact All-State Pest and Lawn today for assistance getting rid of any of these pest problems.