Winter can be a great season for a lot of people. They can go sledding, skiing, or just warm up near a fire with a cup of hot chocolate. But the same can’t be said about your yard. As winter draws near, the cold makes your lawn and garden go dormant until Spring. There is no need to continue with regularly watering your lawn.  Although this is the natural cycle of the seasons, the winter can do a lot of damage to your irrigation system. That is why you should always have your irrigation system winterized.

Irrigation winterization is simply protecting your irrigation system for the coming winter so that it still works well when spring arrives. While there are a lot of things you can do to prepare for the cold, winterization is often the last concern because of several reasons. The first is that homeowners and business owners think that the water in their irrigation system will just evaporate before winter or gravity will do its job to remove leftover water in pipes and valves. Second is the notion that winterizing your irrigation system is costly. Another reason why people neglect winterization is that they don’t exactly know the benefits of doing so. Here are a few facts that will show you why sprinkler system irrigation is so important.

  • Water expands in low temperature
    This is a fact and you can prove this by just observing liquid water transform into solid ice when put in a freezer. In high temperatures, water takes the shape of its container and at some point, it will evaporate. But in low temperatures, water expands and when it does, it can damage your pipes and sprinklers by causing them to burst. Fully draining your irrigation system is the only solution to avoid this incident.
  • It is more expensive to repair broken irrigation equipment than to protect them from the winter.
    Irrigation system repairs can be expensive. Many times you wouldn’t know if your irrigation system is damaged until spring arrives. Come spring, you might experience flooding due to faulty sprinklers and broken pipes. Once the damage has been done, you would have to pay for the labor and repair costs on the system.  This can be easily avoided if you winterize your system before the cold sets in.

Now that you know why it’s important to protect your yard or commercial landscape for the winter, the next step is to figure out who will do the winterization. DIY can be appealing especially for those who have experience tending their own lawn, but we always recommend leaving this to the professionals. The All-State Pest and Lawn team can better ensure that all equipment is fully winterized and there is no trace of water left in any part of your irrigation system.  All-State Pest and Lawn’s winterization service includes the following: water removal, backflow winterization, and sprinkler system winterization.

Do you have questions about our irrigation system winterization services?  Contact us today to learn more!