10 Unusual Places You Will Find Bedbugs

10 Unusual Places You Will Find Bedbugs

There’s no denying the fact that bed bugs are a huge pest problem. They plague hotels, motels, home and basically any form of architectural structure. Since bedbugs are usually smaller than a grain of rice, they are extremely difficult to locate and are almost invisible to the naked eye. In order to identify the places where bed bugs love hiding the most, it is of paramount importance to first understand their behavior. Basically, bed bugs are creatures that love going about their business discreetly; they are stealthy and love feeding on human blood. They run their operations in a “hit and run” pattern and usually feed at night, when most of us are asleep. They immediately run back to their secret hideouts after they are done feasting. If you want to make an educated guess, bed bugs usually reside near their food sources i.e. you. They will hide within 6 feet or so of the places you spend prolonged periods of time. However, as they start growing in numbers, they do tend to spread further away from the food sources. Without straying away from the topic any further, here are 10 unusual places you will find bedbugs.


Imagine having to work under stress and the added annoyance of bedbug bites. It does not sound fun, does it? Well, unfortunately, it is possible. Bed bugs can easily nestle into the carpet or furniture in the offices. It is possible for bed bugs to move around in office packages, backpacks, boxes, briefcases, and business suits etc.

Religious Places

Even the Almighty is quite helpless when dealing with bed bugs. These pests are also known to reside in the holiest of places such as churches, temples, mosques and religious meeting halls etc. Hence, we would advise you to be on your toes even when you go to mass. It is also advisable for you to limit your personal belongings to a bare minimum when visiting places of worship.

Public Libraries

It is advisable for you to be cautious when bringing books from the public library. Bed bugs love hiding in the pages of the books. Trust us when we say this—you wouldn’t want to crawl into bed with a good book infested with bed bugs. Therefore, it is imperative for you to check the pages and spines of the books for bedbugs before heading home with a stash of bestsellers. No book is worth a bed bug infestation.


It is possible for you to catch more than a blockbuster at your local movie theater. Cinemas are a hotbed for bedbugs. How so? Well, the cinema literally has everything bed bugs prefer; a cinema boasts of cushy, upholstered seats that serve as the ideal bedbug hideout. In addition to that, the cinema also sees the visit of bedbugs´ prime food source—humans! Hence, when visiting the cinema, it is suggested for you to limit your personal belongings to a bare minimum. You wouldn’t want to bring home your own critter horror show now, would you?

Public Transportation

Unlike the rest of us, bedbugs don´t have to pay their share of the fare when they travel in public transportation. There are plenty of commuters traveling on a daily basis. There is every chance that planes, trains, and buses are infested with bedbugs. Since bedbugs are of small stature, they are quite difficult to identify. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely for you to spot the pests getting cozy in your seat. However, what you can do is take precautions before heading home. Before getting home, you should unpack carefully and check your belongings for bed bugs. Never place your bags on your bed!

Retail Stores

Bedbugs are excellent travelers and they are always on the lookout for opportunities to move around. Therefore, retail stores are excellent hiding places for bedbugs. Numerous stores in the past have shut down for fumigation. It is recommended for you to check any purchases you make before bringing it home. You should definitely shake out clothing before putting them in your closet.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions such as daycares, colleges, and schools are not immune to a bed bug infestation. Daycare centers are usually filled with stuffed animals; and, if we know anything about stuffed animals, we know that they are incubators for all things gross. College dorm rooms are filled with students from all parts of the world; therefore, the chances of them bringing bed bugs via their laundry and luggage bags are quite high.


Bedbugs can even multiply in the cleanest locations in the city. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised to see bedbugs in laundry facilities. It is highly advisable for bed bug victims to wash and dry infected clothing. Where do you imagine the infected clothing goes for treatment? When visiting the laundry facility, you must keep your laundry to yourself, check the tables and chairs, and only proceed to use the hottest washing possible.

Thrift Shops and Yard Sales

Why do you reckon the goods at thrift shops and yard sales are priced cheap? It is suggested for you to avoid purchasing used bed frames, headboards, and mattresses. It is, of course, tempting to save money. However, it will prove to be costly when you have to spend a hefty amount on hiring professional services to get rid of the bedbug infestation in your home.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities such as nursing homes and hospitals are also known to be prime residing areas for bed bugs. Unlike humans, bedbugs do not discriminate against the sick or the old. Many patients and visitors visit the hospital on a daily basis. There is every chance that nursing homes and hospitals are infested with bedbugs. 

Bed Bug Removal: Warning Signs and Removal Tips

Bed Bug Removal: Warning Signs and Removal Tips

Sit back and imagine, just for a moment, a crawly and creepy insect, lurking under your sheet at night while you sleep, biting you freely as you rest. If you are like the most people, you must have cringed just by picturing this situation. Unfortunately, bed bug infestation is something that quite a lot of homeowners have to handle and it’s not always linked directly with your home’s maintenance. It’s something that could happen to virtually anyone.

The presence of bed bugs is rather challenging to detect. There are, however, numerous signs that you could look out for in order to determine if you have an outbreak in your house. When it comes to bed bug removal, it is best to rely on a professional, even though there are a few things that you might do preliminary to limit the spread. However, one step at a time, let’s have a look at the telltale signs to be on the look for. Here are 5 common ones.

Bed Bug skins

A characteristic specification of bed bugs is that they shed their skin at least about 5 times prior to reaching full maturity. You could easily look out for these shed skins which look pretty much like empty egg shells. This is a definitive sign that there are bed bugs in your home.

Blood Stains and Smears

Put on regular and plain white sheets on your bed. When you wake up in the morning, pay attention and look closely at the bed sheets and the mattresses for smears and blood stains. They are usually formulated when you crush the insect in your sleep. They are also created from the tiny blood spots which take place after you are bitten.

Serious Smell

The presence of bed bugs is also associated with a strong, musty smell. It’s stronger where there are a lot of bed bugs and in places which are literally infested. This is another very reliable way to confirm that there are, indeed, bed bugs in your home.

Egg Shells

Pay attention for small sized egg shells. They are usually around 1 mm in length and you should encounter them near rough surfaces of furniture as well as other corners of your entire home. This is a serious and definitive sign that infestation is taking place.


Of course, there is absolutely nothing else which determines that you have an issue than noticing the bite itself. They are going to bite you during your sleep. They can hide within various spaces in your home, including pillows, box springs, mattresses and others of the kind. If you notice red and distinctive bites, you’d better call in for help.

If you manage to notice any of the above, it’s almost certain that you are facing a serious issue. Calling the professionals is the first thing that should pop to your mind. Of course, there are a few things that you might want to do on your own in order to prevent the spread while you wait.

Bed Bug Extermination Tips and Tricks

Bed bugs are particularly annoying, disgusting and rather dangerous. They carry different diseases and that could cause you some particularly nasty inflammations and infections. With this in mind, it’s absolutely paramount for you to take the necessary steps to get rid of them immediately. And, when we say immediately – we mean it. Bed bugs would go on to procreate incredibly quickly and what could be a harmless number of bugs can rapidly become a full blown infestation.

Vacuum the furniture

In order to get rid of bed bugs the first thing you have to do is to vacuum the furniture. Now, these bugs are capable of thriving on carpeting, box springs, mattresses and all sorts of attractive areas. You need to take everything apart and run it through with a vacuum cleaner. You should use the highest setting of the suction. Make sure to pay particularly special attention to the crannies as well as to the edges where the insects are capable of hiding.

Once you are through with this, you need to remove the vacuumed bugs as quickly as you can. Keep in mind that the vacuum cleaner isn’t going to kill the bugs right away. It’s only going to collect them. This is the main reason for which you should actually discard the bag far away from your place.

Heat the bedding

Another thing that you can do is to heat the bedding in a dryer. You should use the 120 degree temperature setting. The hotter the setting is the more potent the removal will be. Hot temperature is going to sterilize your bedding from the bed bugs and it’s going to effectively eliminate them as well as their eggs as this is particularly important. If you can’t actually afford the procedure, you can easily heat the bedding with nothing but sunlight. Just insert the bedding in a convenient plastic garbage bag and let them rest at the sun throughout the time when it’s hottest outside. This is definitely going to achieve the necessary result.

Repair the walls

Bed bugs are also capable of thriving in cracks in the wall. So, whenever you see a crack, run it through with a wallpaper glue and make sure that you tack the paper back conveniently in order to ensure that there are absolutely no loose edges. This is something that a lot of people would prefer to be handled by professionals.

Contact A Pest Control Professional

Getting rid of the bed bugs is a serious job.  It is important to hire a reputable pest control professional to help you get rid of these pests quickly and safely.  We don’t suggest DIY home treatments.  

It’s also important to note that all of the above are particularly efficient, but their success depends on your ability to handle them properly. This is the main reason for which it is absolutely best if you contact a professional pest control service like All-State Pest and Lawn. They are going to handle everything perfectly and are going to ensure that there are no bugs left.

How to find Memphis Bed Bugs

Finding out you have a bed bug infestation before it turns out of control can be really helpful. If the infestation is at its initial stages, it will be less costly and will cause less inconvenience to you as compared to a well developed infestation. Treating widespread bed bug infestations will take up a lot of your time and money and you certainly don’t want that.

Initial infestations, on the other hand, are more challenging to find than the bigger and widespread ones. There are many insects that can be mistaken for bed bugs. A missed classification will give bed bugs the time they need to develop further.

If you are only looking out for bed bug bites, it can be a poor indicator of infestation. This is because the bed bug bites can be pretty similar to bites from other insects and there are many people who don’t react to bed bug bites at all.

Signs of Bed Bugs

What are the signs then that you should look out for? Here are some of them:

  1. Reddish or rusty stains on the mattresses and bed sheets are one of the major signs of an infestation of bed bugs in your house. These are caused by bed bugs that get crushed by you while you are sleeping
  2. Bed bug excrements are also a major sign that can tell you about bed bug infestation in your house. They are black round spots that you will often found on bed sheets, furniture and walls
  3. The presence of egg shells and eggs also suggest an infestation. They are tiny about 1 mm in size and have a pale yellow color. As the nymphs grow old, they shed these shells and this can be a major sign of infestation
  4. Presence of live bed bugs

These are just a few signs of a bed bug infestation in your home.

What to Do If You Suspect A Bed Bug Infestation

Wondering what to do if you have all the above mentioned signs in your house? If yes, it is time to get help right away. You should consult a Memphis bed bug control company like All-State Pest and Lawn to assist you in getting rid of the bed big infestation. It is important that you seek professional help before the problem gets worse. Bed bugs hide in a variety of places and what you initially see could just be a sign of a bigger problem.  Thus, seeking help immediately may save you from a lot of headache later on.

5 Signs You Might Have Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Infestations Are On The Increase – Here Is What You Should Know!

Imagine crawly, creepy insects moving on your body and biting you while you sleep. Did you cringe just by thinking about it? Bed bug infestation is something that is not always linked with cleanliness and can happen to anyone. While their presence is hard to detect, there are still a number of definite ways that can help you in determining if you have an outbreak of bed bugs in your home. The best way would be to catch a bed bug and give a sample to a pest control technician. Catching a bed bug, however, may not be an easy task. Let us look at the ways you can find out if there is a bed bug outbreak in your home.

Bed Bugs Warning Signs

There are many ways you can catch an early outbreak of bed bugs and get help from a reputable Memphis Bed Bug exterminating company. Here are the signs you should look for if you fear you have a bed bug outbreak in your house.

Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs bite your bodies, so the most effective and common way of establishing if you have these creepy creatures in your house is by checking for bites on your bodies. Bed bugs bite you during your sleep as they live on box springs, mattresses, pillows and in various kinds of furniture.

Blood Stains and Smears From Bed Bugs

Notice your bed sheets and mattresses for blood stains and smears that come when bed bugs are crushed by you while sleeping. You will find these stains on your pillows and even on the clothes you are wearing.

Bed Bug Skins

Bed bugs shed their skin about 5 times before reaching maturity. You can look out for these shed skins that look like an empty egg shell. This can be a big sign of having bed bugs in your house.

Distinctive Odor

There is a musty sweet smell associated with the presence of distinctive odor. The smell is strong near places that have a high infestation of bed bugs. It can be a reliable way of confirming the presence of bed bugs in your furniture and bedding If you feel such smell coming from your furniture or bedding.

Bed Bug Egg Shells

If you find small sized egg shells, about 1mm in length- around rough furniture surfaces and other corners of your house, it is a big sign that you might have bed bug infestation. The egg shells look like dried out casting of the small creepy creatures but are flattened and less shiny

Bed bugs can travel from one place to another; hence they can easily travel from one place of your house to another by simply lodging on your clothing or luggage without you even noticing their presence. If you feel their presence anywhere in your house, it is important to take professional help right away.

If you are seeking solution for bed bugs infestation and need help of an experienced company, contact All-State Pest and Lawn today and get rid of these creepy creatures right away.

Learn more about our Memphis Bed Bug solutions here!

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