Why Year-Round Lawn Service is Important

Why Year-Round Lawn Service is Important

For those of us who live in areas where we get all four seasons, one may ask “why we would consider professional lawn service all year round?” The truth is, because it is needed in order to have one of the best-looking lawns in your neighborhood.

Year-Round Lawn Service for Clean-up

Lawn service is used by many clients to clean up the lawns and make them look better. There seems to be nothing worse than when a wind storm passes through and your yard is left looking like a tornado hit. The downed branches and leaves can make quite a mess. The problem is, most of us can barely keep up with keeping our lawns mowed. Where are we supposed to find the time to clean up leaves and sticks after a wind storm? We can’t, and this is when it is time to call a yard service to help with debris and leaf removal.

Lawn Services in Spring

Spring is the time of year when life returns after a long frigid winter. We see the muddy beginnings to our summer gardens and lawns. So, why lawn services in the spring? This is the time to get ready for all the planting and landscaping that makes your yard so beautiful. This is also the time of year when the plants will be fertilized to kick-start the growth spurts. There are different requirements for distinct types of plants and our experts will know exactly what your lawn needs. If your lawn or plants were damaged by the snow or ice, then this is the time to fix the issues. Now is also a good time to apply herbicides to keep the weeds from growing out of control in your lawn.

As the lawn begins to grow it will be time to mow it before you have time to blink. This is the perfect time of year to choose your seasonal plants that you would like to see in your yard. All-State Pest and Lawn knows how to get everything ready. Once the danger of frost has past the plants are then ready to be planted.

The Summer Professional Lawn Service

During the hot summer months is when most of the lawn services are focused on mowing and keeping your yard looking great. If you have trees as part of the landscaping these will be watched to make sure they are growing properly. If any problems are found with your plants or trees All-State Pest and Lawn will alert you to the problem, and a solution. 

The summer is a time when the hot sun can burn your plants and lawn. When your lawn is being mowed it will not be cut too short. Ever drive by a neighbor’s home and noticed large brown spots in the lawn? Often, the brown spots are from cutting the grass too short and then the hot sun burns it. All-State Pest and Lawn can help you prevent that.  

Once Summer comes to an end, it is time to start back with the leaf and seasonal colors for the Fall.  Let All-State Pest and Lawn help you with your year-round lawn service needs.  Give us a call today to learn more!

Why Irrigation System Winterization is Important

Why Irrigation System Winterization is Important

Winter can be a great season for a lot of people. They can go sledding, skiing, or just warm up near a fire with a cup of hot chocolate. But the same can’t be said about your yard. As winter draws near, the cold makes your lawn and garden go dormant until Spring. There is no need to continue with regularly watering your lawn.  Although this is the natural cycle of the seasons, the winter can do a lot of damage to your irrigation system. That is why you should always have your irrigation system winterized.

Irrigation winterization is simply protecting your irrigation system for the coming winter so that it still works well when spring arrives. While there are a lot of things you can do to prepare for the cold, winterization is often the last concern because of several reasons. The first is that homeowners and business owners think that the water in their irrigation system will just evaporate before winter or gravity will do its job to remove leftover water in pipes and valves. Second is the notion that winterizing your irrigation system is costly. Another reason why people neglect winterization is that they don’t exactly know the benefits of doing so. Here are a few facts that will show you why sprinkler system irrigation is so important.

  • Water expands in low temperature
    This is a fact and you can prove this by just observing liquid water transform into solid ice when put in a freezer. In high temperatures, water takes the shape of its container and at some point, it will evaporate. But in low temperatures, water expands and when it does, it can damage your pipes and sprinklers by causing them to burst. Fully draining your irrigation system is the only solution to avoid this incident.
  • It is more expensive to repair broken irrigation equipment than to protect them from the winter.
    Irrigation system repairs can be expensive. Many times you wouldn’t know if your irrigation system is damaged until spring arrives. Come spring, you might experience flooding due to faulty sprinklers and broken pipes. Once the damage has been done, you would have to pay for the labor and repair costs on the system.  This can be easily avoided if you winterize your system before the cold sets in.

Now that you know why it’s important to protect your yard or commercial landscape for the winter, the next step is to figure out who will do the winterization. DIY can be appealing especially for those who have experience tending their own lawn, but we always recommend leaving this to the professionals. The All-State Pest and Lawn team can better ensure that all equipment is fully winterized and there is no trace of water left in any part of your irrigation system.  All-State Pest and Lawn’s winterization service includes the following: water removal, backflow winterization, and sprinkler system winterization.

Do you have questions about our irrigation system winterization services?  Contact us today to learn more!

Benefits Of Having A Sprinkler System

Benefits Of Having A Sprinkler System

If you want to maintain a healthy landscape and have your backyard filled with lush green lawn, it’s imperative for you to have a sprinkler system. Not all of us are fortunate enough to live in areas that receive just the right amount of rainfall. Therefore, in such cases, we require the help of a sprinkler system to deliver water to the entire lawn.

When we water by hand, we are prone to over watering and under watering the lawn.

  • So, how do you know if you are over watering?

Do you bear witness to the lawn remaining soggy for a long period? Do you see the growth of a thick thatch that requires regular mowing? If so, you have been over watering your lawn.

  • Now, how do you identify if you are under watering?

Is the soil dry? Do you see the blades wilt and do they feel crisp? Is there a slower blade growth? Does the grass not quickly spring back when stepped on? If you have answered the aforementioned questions positively, then, it appears that you have been under watering your lawn.

There are numerous benefits to having a sprinkler system. However, before we get to that, it’s important to understand the components of an automatic sprinkler.

What Is An Automatic Sprinkler?

Basically, in a nutshell, an automatic sprinkler system is controlled by a controller that serves as the brain of the system. The valves are also important components of the sprinkler system as they open and close to release and stop the flow of water to the underground pipes. And, of course, we need to mention the sprinklers too. The sprinklers are used to help distribute water to specific, targeted areas. Modern automatic sprinkler systems also feature customizable options, allowing the users to shut off the system automatically during rainfall. These modern systems also boast of drip irrigation zones and feature soil moisture sensors.

Anyway, is it possible for you to install an sprinkler system by yourself? Let´s be honest here—what home improvement project is not possible to install on your own? However, we would recommend you to get a professional like All-State Pest and Lawn to do the task as the installation process requires sound technical hands and strategy. These professionals have experience on their side and they will always be able to offer more solutions than ¨how to¨ articles and videos on the web.

So, how much would a good sprinkler system cost you?

Basically, the price of a sprinkler system depends on several factors including the size of the property, the type of landscaping, products used, unique designs, and number of zones.

Without straying away from the topic any further, let´s discuss the benefits of a sprinkler system.

The Benefits of A Sprinkler System

  • Helps you save water

An automatic sprinkler system helps you save water. The efficiently-designed system is well aware of how much water your landscape needs to thrive. Therefore, with an automatic sprinkler system installed in your backyard, you will no longer have to worry about forgetting to turn off the hose. Many modern sprinkler systems also feature customizable options that allow the users to shut off the devices automatically during rainfall. There are modern systems that also feature soil moisture sensors and boast of drip irrigation zones.

  • Helps save you time

If you are a busy person and don´t have time to spare, it’s in your best interest to install a sprinkler system. With the system around, you won´t have to waste your precious time watering the plants. Your sprinkler system will get the job done even when you are not around.

  • Waters the lawn better than you!

Humans are prone to errors. However, on the hand, machines have a better shot at achieving perfection. Hence, an automatic sprinkler system will water your landscapes better than you can. The sprinkler system is installed according to the shape and size of your landscape. Therefore, it’s well aware of the watering needs of the plants; the system even uses particular products that have been specifically designed to water trees, grass, garden plants, or trees.

  • A sprinkler system is a safe bet

You may live in an area where it rains every now and then. Therefore, you might find a sprinkler system to be an excessive feature you can do without. However, you should be well aware that nature doesn´t work predictably. Therefore, if you want to ensure that your plants and lush lawn receives a regularly timed and evenly measured amount of water throughout the year, especially during the dry season, you will need to install a sprinkler system.

  • Aesthetically pleasing

The sight of a garden hose stretched across your beautiful lawn can be displeasing. And, it can get quite tedious to put the hose away after every session. In addition to that, the hose can also prove to be a tripping hazard for the kids. A sprinkler system will only pop out when it needs to water the lawn, immediately disappearing into the ground after its operation, providing an unobstructed view of your garden.

Are you ready to get started on having a sprinkler system installed at your home?  Contact All-State Pest and Lawn today to learn more!

All-State Pest and Lawn Service: Your Reliable Partner

All-State Pest and Lawn Service: Your Reliable Partner

If your haircut is a critical factor for your overall facial appearance, your lawn is the deciding factor for the appeal of your entire house. An improperly maintained and badly shaped lawn could absolutely ruin the way your property looks and this will reflect on your image as well. After all, people will judge no matter what and when they see a bad lawn, they would instantly relate it to the owner.

However, a badly maintained lawn might not mean that you don’t care about it. It could simply mean that you don’t have the necessary time, knowledge or expertise to handle it on your own. While DIY efforts might be appealing in terms of cost, they are always a lot less effective when it comes to long-term results. This is something that you want to account for.

All-State Pest and Lawn is a company which deals with lawn maintenance and overall care and it is an established leader on the market. With years of significant experience and absolute devotion towards handling and maintaining beautiful lawns, we are the reliable partner that you’ve been looking for.

How can All-State Pest and Lawn help?

We believe in a dynamic and versatile approach to servicing our clients. This is why we have a little bit of everything for different people to find whatever they may need.

Beginning with Option 1

We provide standard edging, trimming, mowing and blowing in order to restore the healthy and beautiful appeal of your lawn. What we guarantee here is that your lawn would be brought in a perfect condition in a stress- and hassle-free manner and you wouldn’t have to lift your finger for it.

Furthermore, our professional manicuring is definitely going to leave that very special touch which would make your lawn appear brilliantly. We got you covered!

What’s behind Door number 2?

That’s where we go the extra mile. While the service is a bit more expensive, it’s whatever your lawn might need. Our premium annual contract doesn’t just include the standards that we mentioned above. This is a specific, tailored and high-end lawn maintenance which includes a range of different things such as flower bed weeding, shrub trimming, leaf removal, mulching. At the same time, we will also include seasonal planting of lowers twice a year.

Do you love your beautiful lawn but hate to work on it a few hours every week? Maybe you love doing it but you just can’t find the time? Well, regardless of what the situation may be, give us a call and we will have you covered in every regard.

Other Yard Services

Of course, we offer a range of different services separately in order to encompass the versatility in the demand. Some of our most popular lawn services include the following.

Lawn Cleanup Services

Law maintenance requires thorough cleaning. That’s not just good for the overall appeal of the lawn but also for its health. A quick example is when people fail to clean the freshly mowed grass and leave it on top of the existing one. This will quickly suffocate the layer underneath, causing it to burn out during the hot summer heats. This is how you destroy your lawn in under a week.

Our job is to come and to make sure that everything is handled as per the highest industry standards, regardless of what you may need. Maybe you need your shrubs to be trimmed? No problems – we will handle it and we will clean up conveniently afterwards.

Lawn maintenance and yard services are not just about your grass. Your garden is made up of a lot of different plants and we make sure that everything is handled perfectly. We take pride in what we do and this is why we are confident to claim that we offer high-end services, tailored to the requirements of our customers and their respective lawns.

We also do lawn aeration, leaf removal and everything of the kind so that you don’t have to worry about a single thing. We believe that the whole-house approach is ideal and that’s what we stand here offering to you.

Lawn Mowing

Of course, we wouldn’t be able to claim what we claim without comprehensive and high-end lawn mowing. When it comes to our yard services, we take advantage of the most contemporary machinery out there which is something that you should definitely take into consideration.

We will never settle for the next best thing and we strongly advise that you don’t either. This is something that we take pride in.

Why us? 

It’s easy – because we care! We take every single project as if it was our last one and we are truly passionate about the proper landscaping of your lawn. We love what we do and this reflects in our professional lawn service. We are not just another big company which is going to rush you into a subscription, offering you the world while settling for mediocre services which are nothing as promised.

This is something that you should consider. We don’t just care about you as a client, we care about your lawn. Every single lawn that we do is part of our extensive portfolio and we can’t afford to do a bad job as this would immediately reflect on our image. That’s why we thrive to exceed your expectations every single time we come to visit.

Call All-State Pest and Lawn to make sure that you’ve chosen the best option on the market. Don’t worry about spending hours and hours in servicing our lawn – we will handle it for you. We don’t mean to brag but we are also likely to do a better job! That’s what we are good at! That’s what we do and love and that’s what we are passionate about. This is why we are the best and it reflects in all of our projects.

Lawn Care Tips: Maintaining a Perfect Green Carpet

Lawn Care Tips: Maintaining a Perfect Green Carpet

The truth is that you will most definitely know a healthy lawn when you first see it – it’s pretty much a lush, green and perfectly maintain carpet, smooth enough for a range of activities. Is your lawn looking like that? Maybe you have some dead grass patches here and there or maybe you can actually see the soil at certain parts? This is due to improper maintenance. Don’t feel bad, though, you are not the only one who fails to get everything done right as this is definitely not the easiest task. Ideally, having a professional to handle your lawn maintenance is what you want to be doing but there are quite a few things you can do on your own as well.

You’ve got to think about the needs of the grass. Curiously enough, the basics are particularly simple – sun, water and fertilizer – that’s all you need to think of. So, with this in mind, here are a few lawn care tips that you could take advantage of.

Summer is a hard time, especially if you live in an area where the temperatures get quite substantial. It is important to ensure that you employ the necessary protective protocols to prevent the grass from burning.

Mowing at the Right Height

Now, taller grass is going to shade the soil which is going to conveniently reduce the water evaporation. This is going to lead to stronger and deeper roots. Additionally, it is also going to prevent the weed seeds from getting germinated. Of course, it’s impossible to give you a recommendation on the length of the grass as this is something particularly individual and it would depend on the type of grass that you have planted. In a nutshell, though, you should make sure that you cut only about one third of the leaf when you are mowing.  Learn how All-State Pest and Lawn can help you with your lawn mowing needs!

Proper Irrigation

Obviously, irrigation and water retention is going to be your biggest challenge throughout the hot summer temperature. The thing that you need to be mostly careful of, however, is not the amount of water that you use, it’s the time when you water the lawn.

Water is transparent and it has the ability to amplify the sun rays. Therefore, when it is on the plant, the water drops are going to make the sunlight burn the leaf. It’s as simple as that. This is why you should be watering your lawn later, when the sun has already set. An alternative would be to do it very early in the morning before the sunrise but then you’d have to allow it enough time to dry out. If you fail to do this, you will start noticing how certain parts of you lawn slowly start to burn out, becoming more yellow than green.

Cleaning up after Your Pets

If you have pets, they are likely to do their business in the lawn. However, dog urine, for instance, could have very serious harmful effects on the grass. That’s why it is important to ensure that you handle it accordingly. Flush it with water and make sure that it dilutes in the soil.

Of course, this is not a sustainable approach. What you need to consider is creating a mulched area or a pebbled one where your dog should go when it needs to. You wouldn’t be able to constantly supervise your dog and, quite frankly, you shouldn’t have to.

Avoid Parking

Even though this is not a specific summer lawn care tip, it’s one that you need to know. Parking or driving on your lawn is absolutely never a good idea. This is going to lead to compaction of the soil which is going to cause your grass to die out. This is a promise and it is especially true when it’s extremely hot outside or there is a drought. During these periods it is even advisable to actively reduce footstep traffic on your lawn in order to avoid any serious damage to the turf crowns.

Lawn Spraying

Regardless of whether it’s a matter of fertilization or weed control, lawn spraying is something that’s going to help you out conveniently. This is a quick process, usually handled by professionals, which is going to beautify your lawn and keep harmful weeds away. It’s also going to ensure that the lawn receives the necessary nutrients to become an inviting part of your garden.

Sharpen the Blades of Your Mower

The thing about dull blades is that they don’t really cut the grass – they tear it. This creates brown edges which are ragged and unpleasant to watch. What is more, however, is that this leaves the grass open to diseases. This is why sharpening your blades is absolutely critical.

How often should you do so? There is a general rule of thumb here which states that you should sharp your blades every 10 hours of active mowing. It’s not a time consuming endeavor and it’s one that you can handle with ease.


The turf which is warm-season is going to grow very strongly during the summer period. This is why it’s going to need a lot of nutrients. Go ahead and check out the local store for the best fertilizers that you can use in your specific region.

As you can see for yourself, there are quite a few things that you ought to know in order to ensure that everything is handled properly. Of course, there is a serious amount of specifications that you’d have to be aware of and there is a range of additional things to be considered. These, however, cover the basics that we mentioned in the beginning and if you get them done properly, they might be enough for a healthy lawn. On the other hand, if you want to make sure that your lawn is treated professionally, you ought to work with a specialized landscaping lawn care company which is going to have it maintained as per the highest industry standards.

Give All-State Pest and Lawn a call today!

Lawn Maintenance for the Fall Season

It’s getting colder here in Memphis, which means you’ll be spending most of your time shacked up in a cozy corner inside the house. With less time being spent outdoors, lawn care is probably the last thing on your mind. In fact, why bother at all? After all, grass and wild shrubs tend to grow slower during this season, right?

Well, they grow at a slower rate because they are preparing for the winter season. During the fall season, grass absorbs all the nutrients it can get so as to survive during the colder weather that’ll follow. Without a solid lawn-care and weed-control plan, once the winter clears, you’ll be greeted by weeds growing all around your yard.

At All State Pest & Lawn, we believe that this season is the ideal time to not only prepare your yard for the upcoming harsh temperatures, but also to also fix the damage that was caused during the dry and hot summer. This article details both these processes, starting with the latter.

Repairing Your Lawn after the Summer Season

Summer can take its toll on lawns. With Memphis’ scorching summer temperatures, the soil gets dry and hard. This in turn causes air flow to be blocked for the roots underneath, resulting in a domino effect that can easily destroy the greenest of yards. This is why lawn care is of utmost importance, both during and after the Summer season.


Depending on the soil conditions of your yard, it may be a good idea to aerate your yard as often as every other year. Areas with higher than usual foot traffic or vehicle traffic may require aeration even more often, to avoid a condition called soil-compaction.

Aeration is important as plants need sufficient water and oxygen to grow healthily, and hard soil can block the circulation of these essentials.

Aeration involves poking holes within the surface of the yard using a machine called a core aerator. The professionals at All-State Pest and Lawn can help you determine if your yard needs core aeration, and if so can take of it for you promptly.


Use a suitable fertilizer to fertilize the soil with nutrients. Trust the professionals at All-State Pest and Lawn to ensure that your lawn is properly fertilized. They’ll ensure that your lawn is healthy from root to blade, and that it’s perfectly green and lush in the Summertime!

Preparing Your Lawn for the Year Ahead

Now that we’re done with repairing the past damage, let’s discuss how you can observe proper lawn maintenance during the fall season.


Mowing isn’t really fun, but it’s important if you don’t want your lawn to grow uneven grass. The lawn maintenance team at All-State Pest and Lawn will ensure that your lawn is properly mowed during the Fall, and it goes into dormancy at the proper height to weather the Winter.


Keep your lawn raked. Fallen leaves can get crumpled together due to increased moisture and rain, ultimately suffocating the grass underneath while being a breeding ground for fungi. If the thought of raking your yard is too much to bear, call All-State Pest and Lawn … they’ll keep your lawn leaf-free.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Like most plants, many weeds also go dormant during the colder season, meaning they’ll burst out once the temperatures have risen again. It’s a good idea to apply a pre-emergent herbicide during the winter months to ensure that the weeds won’t sprout in the Spring.

Looking to weatherproof your lawn this fall? Try All State Pest & Lawn, a Memphis Lawn Care and Landscaping company.