Why Hire a Bug Control Company?

Why Hire a Bug Control Company?

There are many several reasons to hire a bug control company. If you are terrified of spiders and there are a few hanging from your ceiling, then it doesn’t take much convincing as to why bug control is in order. Then, there are those who walk into their kitchens to find a bunch of ants trying to run off with dinner. Most times, this is when the choice is made to get on the bug extermination program.

Bug control can help save your property, make living more comfortable, and possibly protect you and your loved ones from health problems. Professional bug extermination cannot be bought in the nearest hardware store. There are professionals that know how to work with the chemicals that they use daily. Buying a can of fly killer may not even kill the pests but may be more harmful for the health.

Pests can harm your loved ones, it is a fact. Ticks carry Lyme Disease. Ants getting on your food is contamination. Hornets and wasps can sting and cause life threatening allergic reactions. These same bugs can also harm our family pets.

What Can a Bug Control Company Take Care Of?

Bug extermination that is performed by professionals, like All-State Pest and Lawn can usually eradicate the following pests and creatures from your home.

  • Wasps
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Ticks
  • Fleas
  • Ants
  • Bedbugs
  • Termites
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Squirrels
  • Mice and more

A main reason to have a bug professional bug service come in is because they can identify the problem. There are cases where family members are getting bit and have no idea from what. This family that is getting bit could have fleas or bedbugs in their home. Because they do not know the source of the problem, they call in the professional bug exterminators.

Bug Extermination Baits and Traps

Professional bug control is done my using traps and baits for the specific bug problem. Not all bugs will be drawn to the same bait. This is something that those in pest control are trained in. Professional bug control will know the proper dosages that are safe to use. These same professionals will also know how much and where to place the bait and traps. There are also bug control companies that use organic and green pest control.

As more people are realizing how some bugs or insects can be a good thing for the environment, there is now live trapping taking place. With the downfall of the bee population expert pest control businesses are now catching the bees alive and releasing them where they will not be a nuisance. This bee removal process allows for the bees to live and reproduce thus helping the environment.

Bug Control At The Source

Although there may be a pest problem, you do not know where the pests are gathering or where the source of the nest could be. For those who think the problem may just be small there could be these same pests multiplying somewhere in your home. Yes, sounds pretty creepy, right? This is another reason to get the professionals into your home. These are the trained professionals that know where individual types of bugs and insects like to make their nests and breeding. You may be able to kill those you can see but there may be more on the way.

The sources of infestation can be a combination of places. It may be in the garbage, in your walls, in the wood of your home, soil, and even in your plants. This is why it is so important to locate the source of the infestation. A bug exterminator will search until the source of the pest problem is found and then use the best methods to get those pesky critters out of your home.

Is the Cost of a Bug Control Company Worth it?

Many times, people will run out to the local hardware store and buy cans of bug killer and various kinds of bait traps. Does taking care of the bug problem yourself save money? The answer depends on how badly the bug infestation is. If there was just one ant or a couple of flies in the warm weather, then it may be worth taking care of it yourself. If the problem is bigger most odds will be on hiring a bug control company.

For example, you find a few ants in your kitchen and so go to the store and buy ant traps. You use the traps for about a week and do not see any more ants. Or, you see a few ants and set out the bait. A couple of weeks goes by and you are changing traps left and right because they just keep filling up. Over the long run you will spend more by buying traps than if you had just called in a professional bug exterminator.

It all depends on the circumstance and how fast you want bugs to disappear. If you have a big problem then call in a company like All-State Pest and Lawn who offers bug control services.  The sooner you get the professional bug control company into your home the faster your pests will be gone.

For those who are worried about the ticks, fleas, and mosquitos in their backyards, there are professional bug exterminators that will treat your property. There are diverse types of methods used for fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. The safer you and your family are the better you will feel.

Contact All-State Pest and Lawn today for assistance getting rid of any of these pest problems.

Pest Control: Getting Rid of Ticks and Fleas

Pest Control: Getting Rid of Ticks and Fleas

Pets spend plenty of time outdoors especially in the late spring and summer seasons, which makes them susceptible to flea and tick bites and infestation. Flea and tick infestation is dangerous and if you suspect that these parasites are present in your pet dogs, then expect the vermin to also thrive in your lawn as well. Dogs become infected with these bloodsuckers when they accidentally brush against surfaces that are teeming with them.

Ticks harbor diseases that can cause your pets to display symptoms like fever, infections, skin lesions, and even paralysis. Watch out for these symptoms if you have visual evidence of ticks and fleas on your pet’s fur. The importance of pest control for fleas and ticks cannot be stressed enough because some of these symptoms and diseases may also be transmitted to humans.

How do ticks attach to hosts and transmit diseases?

Fleas and ticks are capable of detecting animal warmth, scents, moisture, shadows, and vibrations. They select a particular high-traffic location and position themselves slyly on the tips of grasses and objects where cats, dogs, and even humans frequent. They then get picked up by the hosts, and then go to look for warm and moist areas to latch on.

Tick saliva can contain various toxins that affect the different organs of your pets. When the pest bites, it burrows down further which creates breaks in the skin. Then an anatomical feeding tube is inserted and chemicals are secreted to help it latch. Some hosts are carriers of diseases, this is how the ticks ingest protozoans and other blood-borne diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, tularemia, Babesiosis etc.

This process is how the toxin is introduced in your dog’s bloodstream. Toxins then travel to the nervous system, which may explain some symptoms like lethargy, vomiting, and paralysis. Moreover, your dog doesn’t need to get infested to catch these diseases. One tick is enough to cause tick-bite paralysis in some animals.

In regions with hotter climates, ticks may be present throughout the year, while in some areas, the prevalence of ticks and fleas is seasonal.

Things to watch out for for tick and flea infestations

To know if your pet has ticks and fleas, there must be a history of contact with another animal that has ticks. Neighbors’ pets that visit yours are the likely culprit if you live far away from a wooded or an endemic area.

On the other hand, if you live near the woods and your pet has been wandering, inspect the coat and skin more frequently to check if ticks are present. Symptoms appear gradually and the prognosis typically depends on how quickly you will be able to isolate the area and treat it with natural means or approved chemicals.

Some of the signs and symptoms are vomiting, weakness of the hind limbs, unsteady gait, eating and drinking difficulties, depression, anemia and high blood pressure, among others. Immediately consult your veterinarian in case you notice anything off with your pet. The vet will assess your dog’s health history, when the symptoms started, and may ask you questions about recent excursions. If ticks are found upon inspection, they will be sent to the lab for identification, and flea and tick treatment will then follow.

What to do after finding out about the fleas and ticks?

  • Isolate your pet.

Keep your pet comfortable and avoid activities for a few weeks until the medication is complete and the dog is fully-recovered. Prevent contact with other pets to avoid infestation. Observe if your affected pet is responding to medications.

  • Clean pet’s bedding.

Now’s the best time to sterilize or discard all previous pet bedding and thoroughly clean the area where the dog stays most. Cleanliness is one of the most important defense against these parasites.

  • Clean walls.

Some ticks follow an upward direction after feeding, so you might be able to see some that are moving up your walls. Don’t pop them individually, instead, douse the walls with hot water and clean with a soap and bleach solution.

  • Sterilize clothes and upholstery.

Ticks and fleas can cling to your clothes and upholstery. Wash clothes with hot water, if possible to kill all eggs and hidden ticks and fleas.

  • Schedule a lawn treatment for fleas and ticks

Your lawn is a very common questing area for ticks and fleas. All-State Pest and Lawn can begin treatments to prevent another round of the pests.  We can also setup a schedule to mow the grass and keep it manageable for you to enjoy.

Whether you came to know about the fleas and ticks by sight or from the vet’s diagnosis, always take the necessary steps to rid your home and clothes of ticks and fleas. Even if you treat your dog with insecticidal baths and injections, these pests will simply come back if your surroundings are not treated with acaricides to kill all the remaining vermin in your lawn or other areas of the house.

If you live in areas where ticks are endemic, don’t think twice about seeking the help of professional pest control companies. The can get the job done in no time. Protect your pets and family’s health and well-being by hiring the right people to apply pest control for dog ticks in your home.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes This Summer

Get Rid of Mosquitoes This Summer

Mosquitoes are one of the most irritating insects that make enjoying outdoor activities almost impossible. While their buzzing may be a source of constant issue, there are also many other health problems associated with mosquitoes. From fever to severe diseases like dengue and zika virus, mosquitoes should never be welcomed in your house.

Summer is the time when everyone loves to be outside. But, with the presence of these mosquitoes and their constant buzzing and biting, outside becomes a nightmare.

If you want to enjoy the weather outside to its full without the fear of being bitten by a mosquito, you need to address the issue and get professional help. While there are many solution like sprays and repellents that can be used but these are short term solutions and you will not be able to get rid of mosquitoes. You need to get help from a professional service that can assist you in getting rid of mosquitoes.

Be Proactive

It is not necessary that you wait for mosquitoes to come and infest your house and then take the necessary measures. These measures should be taken well before the season of mosquitoes begins. Start working on mosquito problem right when spring sets in. This will give you ample time to get ready for summers when the mosquito season is at its peak. If you want to have a backyard free from mosquitoes, you need to start on the solution timely.

Take Effective Solutions

While there are many solutions available to get rid of mosquitoes, you should only try the ones that are tested and proved to help with getting rid of mosquitoes. Don’t fall for methods like bug zappers and pest devices. The best things will be to address the problem with the help of a professional company that means business. Hire a company that you are sure will help you get rid of mosquitoes and make your outsides safe from them.

If you are located in Memphis and are looking for the best, most professional and highly experienced mosquito control company, you will find none better than All State Pest and Lawn. Together with the right experience and professionalism, they will help you out with your mosquito issues and you will have a summer free from mosquitoes.

The #1 Reason You Need Pest Control for Ticks

Just like other insects, ticks have a breeding season and special years when they will be seen everywhere. According to ecologists, 2017 appears to be an explosive year, and we expect to see more ticks around than we saw in 2016. The reason why ecologists think that we might experience a large population of ticks in 2017 is that the number of Lyme-carrying ticks has dramatically increased and if the mice plague that was experienced in the Northeast is anything to go by, it means that we may need to work hard to fight the menace this year.

When the Lyme-carrying mice are bitten by ticks, they transmit 95 % of the Lyme pathogen to the ticks. When these ticks bite a deer, pets or human beings, they instantly transmit the disease to them. When ticks bite humans, they transmit the bacteria to them, and after a few days, observable symptoms such as fever, red skin, fatigue, and headache will be seen. Luckily, the ailment can be treated by using antibiotics.  However, if the Lyme disease is not treated early, it may spread to the muscles, the nervous system, and the heart.  It is the reason why you should ensure that pest control for dog ticks is in place.

Cases of Lyme diseases have tripled in the past two decades especially in Wisconsin and Minnesota this is attributed to global warming and climate change. Warmer winters make it easier for the ticks to survive. Also, the increase in the number of deer is also believed to be playing a critical role and allow for quick multiplication of ticks in the world.

If we want to protect ourselves from Lyme Disease, it is important that we put in place flea and tick treatment strategies to help control the pests.

Pest Control for Ticks

Spraying for Ticks

Spraying is the best method for pest control for fleas and ticks.  Professional companies, like All-State Pest and Lawn, can come out and apply pro-grade pesticide at your home.   They can also identify problem areas in your lawn and give those areas extra attention. Keep your family safe by letting All-State Pest and Lawn spray your yard to decrease the risk of ticks.  

Other Pest Control for Ticks Tips for Your Lawn

According to the CDC, spraying a lawn for ticks is not your only defense.  Here are a few other tips to help keep your family and pets tick-free.

  • Remove leaf litter.
  • Clear tall grasses and brush around homes and at the edge of lawns.
  • Place a 3-ft wide barrier of wood chips or gravel between lawns and wooded areas to restrict tick migration into recreational areas.
  • Mow the lawn frequently.
  • Stack wood neatly and in a dry area (discourages rodents).
  • Keep playground equipment, decks, and patios away from yard edges and trees.
  • Discourage unwelcome animals (such as deer, raccoons, and stray dogs) from entering your yard by constructing fences.
  • Remove old furniture, mattresses, or trash from the yard that may give ticks a place to hide.

In conclusion, it is important to note that spraying your yard with chemicals will help to keep the deer tick away. Also, make sure that you carry out flea and tick treatments to help keep other pests at bay. 

Why You NEED A Pest Control Company

Why You NEED A Pest Control Company

Pest control: one thing everyone needs and no one wants to talk about. If you’re looking for pest control near you, look no further than All-State Pest and Lawn in Memphis, Tennessee.

Why do you need a pest control service company? Well, pests aren’t just pesky—they generally carry with them a lot of different types of health risks. There are thousands of diseases that pests can carry, and many of them are only detectable once it’s too late to do anything about it.

There are three things that public health officials use to determine someone’s quality of life. These benchmarks are fairly straightforward: sanitation standards, access to pharmaceuticals, and pest control. It’s not just restaurants and other public businesses that need to make sure they don’t have spiders or roaches in their soup! Thousands of homes are affected by rat infestations every year. Did you know that these pests bite 45,000 people per year? And termites? Those insects can damage a house’s structure in just a few days if they aren’t removed quickly.

Over 2,000,000 people are affected by allergic reactions due to insects, as estimated by the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. Because of their small size, insect bites aren’t always detectable. Once your home has been invaded by a pest, it will take multiple treatments in order to eliminate the problem in its entirety.

Good pest control kills bugs and prevents more of them from coming in. You might need an exterminator if you see insects during the day time in your house, odd smells, gnawed/chewed wires or furniture, and evidence such as grease marks or even excrement.

When there is excess moisture or the weather is cold, insects tend to go to buildings so they can keep warm and dry. In order to prevent them from overrunning your house, it’s important to make sure that your home is checked anyway, even if you can’t see the bugs or any signs of them.

All-State Pest and Lawn is the best pest control company, because we’re here to not only eliminate your bug problems but also to prevent them in the first place. If you want to find a pest control company nearby, look no further!

Founded in 1943, All-State Pest and Lawn believes in quality service, no matter how big or small the job is. If you need a lawn mown because of your arthritis or your dog brought in what seems like millions of ticks from that one visit to the lake, we’re here to attend to your pest control and landscaping needs.

Pest control is vital to having a good standard of living. Remember, it’s one of the three things required for good quality of life.

We dedicate ourselves to keeping our benchmark for all of the professional pest control companies nearby.

Pest control is a sensitive task, so we ensure that all of our professionals are licensed and appropriately trained before they are allowed to work in your home or your yard. Communication is the most important connection between us and you. That’s why we do thorough consultations so we know what you need for us to do for you. Our job isn’t done until we are positive you are safe from future infestations.

All-State Pest and Lawn, the best pest control company offers solutions to and prevention of spiders, including but not limited to the following: black widow, brown recluse, hobo spider, jumping spider, common household spider, and wolf spider, which are the most common ones in our area. We can help you identify and exterminate whatever type of spider has invaded your home. There are over 3,000 different species of spiders in the United States, and many of them are major concerns for homeowners, particularly the highly dangerous black widow and brown recluse.

One of the most common pests in our area is the Camel cricket. They like moist environments, but despite how they look, they are actually harmless to humans. But if they find their way into your home, they can become a real nuisance. No one wants a cricket jumping out of their boot and landing on their face! Once we eliminate these pests, we can help you with prevention of future infestations of these crickets.

Ants don’t just show up at picnics! There are over 700 types of ants in the country. Contact All-State Pest and Lawn immediately if you see any ants. They pose serious health risks for both children and adults; plus, they can cause extensive property damage if not properly dealt with. Don’t forget: if you see one ant, there are likely hundreds more in the area. Our pest control services handle many different types of ants, including but not limited to carpenter ants, little black ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, and even fire ants.

Cockroaches are universally known to cause disgust in pretty much every homeowner. Roaches can lead to major health risks. They not only can cause allergic reactions, but they can trigger asthma attacks, especially in children. They can spread bacteria, like E. coli and Salmonella.

Silverfish are less heard of but just as dangerous as cockroaches or any of these other pests. They are wingless insects that love humid, moist areas. They especially love places like attics, basements, and even your bathroom. Silverfish enjoy munching on glue, paper, clothing, and food like flour and oats. They pose health risks and property risks because of how destructive they are.

Got fleas or ticks from your pet or your friend’s pet? They can transmit a variety of diseases and thus pose serious health risks not only to your pets but also to your family.

The most important thing is for you to be safe and to feel safe in your own home. We aren’t satisfied until you are. If you think you have any pest control problems or want to prevent these pesky pests from entering your home, call All-State Pest and Lawn at 901-757-9111 today for your FREE consultation.

Our general prices cover spiders, ants, silverfish, roaches, crickets, and mice. Because pests like fleas, ticks, stinging insects, and flying insects are more difficult to manage and require more rigorous treatment strategies are priced accordingly. Every home is unique in its pest control needs, so every estimate will be unique to your personal situation. Although it seems like pest control would be expensive, our pest control prices are often quite affordable.

Do you have questions?  Contact us today!

Keep the Pests Out of Your Pantry This Holiday Season!

Holiday preparations are in full swing with only a few nights before Christmas finally arrives.    Wrapping Christmas presents, doing the groceries, booking last-minute trips, and calling friends and relatives are the joys of this season, but they might also be stressful and exhausting. Parties, get-togethers, and reunions are likewise present left and right, bringing families and friends all together. With all these yuletide errands and jamborees, one of the priorities to maintain the sanitation and good condition of the house slides down the check list. It’s always a feast during the holiday season, but not only are you devouring sweet treats and roasted meat. 

Uninvited but always present are the house pets and bugs during the holiday season. The kitchen is a place of gathering not only for people, but for pests as well. Since this is the period where ice, snow, and frost, cover the whole neighborhood, it is natural for insects to look for refuge inside the homes of humans. What pulls certain pests and bugs inside residences is not just warmth and protection, but also food. These reasons, most especially the last one, might cause a diaspora of certain species in one’s residence. When this happens, it’s time to look for a pest control company in Memphis to solve the problem.

Pantry pests enter the homes of families since they are attracted to certain items that appear as food. Whether it’s chocolate or a box of cereals, it could be a source of infestation this holiday season. The usual species an exterminator would encounter are moths and beetles. An example is the cigarette beetle that feeds off of spices, grains, seeds, and dried plants. They are also found lurking near potatoes, raisin, and rice. Pest control companies also identify another example, which is the granary weevil, known to attack mostly grain kernel, and on occasion, macaroni and spaghetti noodles. Other species are the Indian Meal Moth which are attracted to fruits, nuts, chocolate, and candy, likewise, the Khapra beetle that feeds on animal skin and barley. 

The aforementioned bugs already give the hint that they will feed on anything that has those as ingredients. Storing those food items in cupboards aren’t even a hindrance to them as wooden furniture and cardboard are all edible for them; plus, they would do anything to get their food. To stop them from ruining your favorite holiday recipes, considering help from a Memphis pest control company is a necessary course of action. 

Individuals should not take infestation lightly. As a matter of fact, pest control service is a necessity since not only do bugs and pests feed on your food, but they contaminate them as well. Pantry pests take the opportunity of any sighted openings and leftover of food, but inevitably, they leave certain substances that pose a great danger to our health. Either they will drop their eggs there, secrete fluids, or leave behind body parts that you might end up digesting or contracting disease from.Other than affecting the consumers’ health, the food’s taste and shelf life are also compromised. Consulting advice and acquiring services from All-State Pest and Lawn will guarantee quick and effective solutions to get this problem off of your hands. 

Professional bug control service providers have the edge in effectively exterminating pests from one’s home given their expertise and equipment. Usually, the experts employ concentrated solutions, pest dusts, and residual aerosols that can intoxicate them when they step or land on surfaces sprayed with these chemicals. They also provide pest traps for catching moths, beetles, and even ants. The science behind the pest traps is that they place moth and beetle pheromones or sex lures so that they can attract the male insects. Once inside the trap, they cage the bugs and pests, and kill them eventually. On the other hand, aerosol products are used to spray into crevices and openings to reach the breeding ground of these pests and kill the larvae laid by the mother insects. Though these products do not guarantee instant knockdown of the pests, they help by disrupting the mating organs of those exposed to the chemical, likewise cause the dysfunction of certain body parts such as their wings. Its effectivity can last up to 8 weeks when sprayed on a certain surface. 

Prior to the treatment, foods exposed should be properly stored and airtight sealed in containers or plastic bags. One should also clean the countertop and remove food items, even spices, to avoid contamination. 

Despite all these promising conveniences of pest control, homeowners should do their own share of prevention of pest and bug infestation in their own homes. It’s nice to start with examining all items and goods bought in groceries and stores. If you see a hole or a defect in the packaging, return the item and get another product instead. When storing them, it is advised to put them in containers with tight grips and locks so no insect can creep inside them. This is most appropriate for seeds, nuts, grain, spices, and oats. Cabinets should always be cleaned first; remove all spills, wipe moisture or wet areas, and wash containers and trays where they will be placed. If food items can be placed inside the refrigerator even before opening, it’s better to place them in the fridge rather to risk pest and bug contamination. Pungent-smelling herbs and plants can also be attached to jars and containers such as bay leaves to repel pests and bugs. Proper garbage disposal should be observed to avoid providing new living quarters for pests and even mice. 

As far as prevention and action is concerned, monitoring the home for infestation share the same weight in importance. Always have a watchful and keen eye if there are small eggs or larvae on table and counter tops. Likewise, check if drainages, sinks, and pipes have signs of webbing. 

Overall, food, whether stored, opened, or cooked, will always attract pests. To prevent from contamination, spoilage, and infestation, families should not overlook pest control, most especially during the Holidays, where food is abundant.