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Regardless of whether you are maintaining a nice front lawn for your commercial venue or it’s part of your garden, it’s absolutely necessary to be well-maintained and as green as it can be.

Irrigation Systems Are Important For A Beautiful Lawn

The way your lawn looks has a tremendous impact on the overall appeal of your entire property. Regardless of whether you are maintaining a nice front lawn for your commercial venue or it’s part of your garden, it’s absolutely necessary to be well-maintained and as green as it can be. There are, however, quite a lot of things which go into a proper lawn.

Irrigation is undoubtedly amongst the most important components for a healthy and green lawn. What is more, the proper lawn irrigation system will also account for other plants and trees in your backyard and will ensure that they are properly taken care of as well.

With over 70 years of experience in the field, All-State Pest and Lawn will ensure that everything – from the design, through the installation and to the maintenance and winterization of your irrigation system is handled as per the highest industry standards.

Are you tired of hauling heavy hoses across your lawn in an attempt to keep it green during the hot summer months? Maybe you no longer have the time to spend on watering your plants every single day? Or maybe you just can’t be bothered with this tedious task when you get home tired from a full day of work?
All-State Pest and Lawn is here to extend a helping hand. We are well aware of the fact that those long, dry and hot summers in combination with the harsh and freezing winters could be quite hard on your precious lawn, let alone on your sprinkler system. This is the main reason for which we offer comprehensive irrigation services. We take advantage of premium parts and materials, crafted by reliable and well-known brands such as Hunter and Rainbird.

Our professionals are experienced, skilled and qualified and are capable of creating a custom lawn irrigation system, specifically engineered to effectively as well as efficiently maintain the necessary levels of moisture throughout the driest months of the summer season.

Maybe you already have an irrigation system but you are having hard times tweaking it up and adjusting it to fit the constantly changing climate conditions? All-State Pest and Lawn will provide you with a helping hand, regardless of whether it’s time for the spring start-up or for the winterization. We will perform comprehensive backflow testing, maintenance and, should they be required – repair services as well.

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Spring Irrigation Start-up Services

There are quite a few things that you might want to get wrapped up and ready for the spring. The lawn sprinkler system is one of your initial points of priority as it needs to start working effectively for your lawn to recover and start growing after the harsh winter conditions.

The start-up process is particularly critical. It’s going to get your lawn irrigation systems in the required functional condition so that they could start tackling the challenges of the dry season. In order for you to get a glimpse at what this usually requires, our spring start-up services include:

  • Spray head filter change
  • Complete inspection of the entire system
  • Spray head coverage adjustment
  • Replace the backup unit of the battery
  • Setting the initial start-up times and durations

All of the above are absolutely integral when it comes to the initial setup of your lawn irrigation system. This is going to ensure that everything is prepared for the hot summer months and that your lawn and plants receive the necessary amount of water. The result is an evergreen lawn and an explosion of colors where you have your flowers.

Irrigation Winterization Services – Prepare for the Winter!

A lot of people tend to believe that irrigation is only necessary during the hot months. Well, that’s not true and that’s why All-State Pest and Lawn is here to help you out.

Understanding the need for winterization, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions which are going to keep your system properly intact throughout the freezing winter months. Failing to do so could result in broken tubes, pipes and significant damage to your entire system.

With this in mind, our services in this regard include:

  • Water removal from pipes
  • Controller adjustment
  • Winterizing backflow

Removing the water from the pipes is absolutely essential, yet a lot of homeowners fail to do account for it and the results are devastating. You see, as the water freezes in the pipe, it’s going to start expanding – that’s due to the basic laws of physics. As they expand, this is going to damage the piping, causing them to eventually break off or fail. This is an unpleasant situation as it’s likely to impair your entire lawn irrigation system. This is why it’s something that needs to be handled well before the temperatures drop drastically.

All-State Pest and Lawn is capable of tackling all of your sprinkler system needs, regardless of the gravity and the scope of your project. We take pride in providing our customers with prompt, reliable and particularly efficient services, especially when it comes to irrigation.

However, we also understand that a proper lawn requires a lot more than just watering solutions. This is the main reason for which our portfolio includes a range of comprehensive services which are designated to ensure that you have the most beautiful and well-maintained lawn and garden. Some of them include:

A lot of people fail to account for the abundance of pests encountered in their gardens – this is also something that has to be accounted for in order to keep your lawn in proper condition.

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