Irrigation System Winterization

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All-State Pest and Lawn understands the need for a proper sprinkler system winterization for any home or business. This is a common concern for homeowners who have seen damage caused to irrigation systems during the winter. Most people have already thought about being one step ahead when it comes to home plumbing winterization. However, winterizing your irrigation system seems to be easily overlooked.

We follow a specific procedure to ensure that your irrigation system is fully winterized to protect it from the cold season. If it isn’t properly handled the repairs can be costly when it is time to turn the system back on. In order to prevent unnecessary expenses from happening, calling All-State Pest and Lawn to handle your sprinkler system winterization is a natural course of action. It’s better leave it to the experts!


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3 Main Reasons for Sprinkler System Winterization

Unfortunately, homeowners often forget to winterizing irrigation systems. The idea of winter maintenance for irrigation systems falls to the wayside until the cold weather is upon us.  Neglecting this important task is the main cause of irrigation system repair. Once the temperatures drop below freezing, busted pipes and broken sprinkler heads are inevitable.  Here are three other reasons you should winterize your sprinkler system.

The Freezing Temperatures Cause Major Damage

As a matter of fact, the temperature can even the cause of damages in the irrigation system. It’s basic science – the moment that the water freezes (and becomes ice) it expands. Here’s an example just to paint you a picture: 11 cubic ft. of water will evolve into a 12 ft. of ice. This is what you call as hydro-expansion. This phenomenon is why fittings, sprinklers, valves, pumps, pipes, and the rest of the system is likely to break due to the expansion. Properly draining the system before the cold weather is here is the best way to prevent costly repairs in the future.


Warranty Issues

Many irrigation systems manufacturers recommend that owners should have the irrigation system professionally winterized. If you do not have it professionally maintained then it could void the manufacturer warranty leaving you to pay for the repairs out of pocket. To prevent this issue from occurring, let the professionals at All-State Pest and Lawn maintain your sprinkler system for you.

Irrigation System Repairs Can Be Expensive

Repairing or replacing broken pipes, valves or busted sprinkler heads can add up.  Paying someone to do the system repair costs money,  but this can be easily avoided. Prevent the unnecessary expense by scheduling your irrigation system winterization before the first cold snap hits.  We begin to winterize irrigation systems in October.  Contact us today to schedule your irrigation system winterization!

All-State Sprinkler Winterization Process

Doing your irrigation winterization yourself can be troublesome.  If not done correctly, water left in the pipes can cause them to burst creating major issues when Spring comes around.  All-State Pest and Lawn has a winterization process to ensure your system is safe through the winter months.  Our process includes:

Draining the irrigation system.
While there are some systems that have built with a drain feature that automatically does the trick, most of these systems available are defective. This is especially true when you have an older sprinkler system. There’s a chance that the pipes have moved or broken. In that case, it is very difficult to check the system manually.  The professionals at All-State Pest and Lawn will break the system down to ensure that there isn’t any water left in the pipes that will freeze and cause problems down the road.

Turning off the water supply.
All-State will turn off the primary water supply to the sprinkler system.  We will also check the drains and the waste valves to ensure they are not holding water in the system. Lastly, we will winterize the back-flow device on your sprinkler system.

Maintaining Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Sprinkler System WinterizationAll-State Pest and Lawn delivers a top-notch customer service experience for every client. Our team has been trained by world-class professionals before we send them out to work on projects.  For winterization, we ensure that the valves are properly off and we blow out all of the water inside the sprinkler system. When you are ready to re-start your irrigation system in the Spring, we can help with that too.

If you are dealing with a broken irrigation system such as missing heads or leaking pipes, All-State can assist you with sprinkler system repairs.

Are you considering installing an irrigation system?  The team at All-State Pest and Lawn can help you plan, install and maintain a new irrigation system that will leave your lawn green and lush.

Consistency is the key to a successful in the lawn care industry – even after all these years, All-State Pest and Lawn remains at the top of its game. Call us now to learn more about our irrigation services. Our team is more than willing to assist you with anything that you need!

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