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All-State Pest and Lawn gets the weeds out of your way. We want to be your lawn care company.

Lawn Spraying on Your Mind?

For everything from weed control to fertilization, our lawn care services get the weeds out and get the beauty back into your lawn. We can replace those ugly weeds with a lush, inviting lawn, and our methods are superior to those other lawn care contractors. We know that lawn care maintenance is important to you. So we make sure that our lawn care services not only beautify your lawn, but they also keep the weeds away, for a beautiful look appreciated by both you and your family or your employees and customers.

Is all this Lawn Care Getting You Down?

We know how tiring it is to try to keep all of your landscaping fresh and green and healthy. Those weeds never seem to stop! Other lawn care contractors might just try to sell you a quick solution, but we at All-State Pest and Lawn believe in staying with you. That is why we offer All-Seasons Lawn Care.

Our All-Seasons Lawn Care is a specially designed nutrient delivery system created to benefit your lawn. We provide both weed control and fertilization applications for each specific season. Our All-Seasons Lawn Care program allows you to enjoy a lush green and weed-free lawn. It will add beauty and value to your home or business.

Our program includes:

  • Custom lawn fertilization
  • Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control applications
  • Strengthening micro-nutrients
  • pH-balancing lime applications

We do more than just spray. We only use premium, top of the line lawn care products because we believe your lawn deserves the best. Let us do the dirty work so you don’t have to.

Some of Our Many Services

Whether you need weed removal or lawn fertilization, our lawn care services experts can always keep your lawn looking beautiful. We pride ourselves in effective weed control. We kill the weeds and get your lawn back to its former beauty!

So does your lawn need aeration or fertilization? Do you also need lawn cleanup or even lawn mowing? Our lawn care maintenance services include everything from weed control to leaf removal. We can create beautiful back yard water features and walkways, and our professional lawncare services help to make sure that your lawn gives everyone a terrific first impression of you and your home or business. Our lawn care services can really make the difference between a passable lawn and one that wows everyone who sees it.

And unlike some other lawn care contractors, our staff is always courteous, clean, and professional. Lawn care is in our blood.

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You can always call us for lawn care maintenance, and even for installations such back yard water features and patios. Please feel free to contact us at or call us at (901) 757-9111. Along with lawncare services, we also offer weed and pest control and prevention because we want your lawn staying beautiful and lush.


Questions about our lawn or landscape services?

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