Leaf Removal

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What is the importance of leaf removal?

Trees are very important in the ecosystem. They are considered to be the first leaving organism here on earth. The presence of trees is inevitable they shed leaves in gardens, farms, roadside, and homes. Additionally, these leaves provide clean air in this world.

The problem is, if these leaves are left unmanaged these might create a thatch layer in your lawn. Thatch is a combination of dead and living plants. Thatch comprises roots, stems and leaves its usual height is 1/2- 3/4 inch and it is helpful to lawn health as long as it doesn’t get thicker than its usual height. Thatch is helpful in these ways:

  • Provides insulation against extreme temperature
  • Provides protection and resiliency for any human impact on the surface
  • It results in slower water loss

Thatch can also be good for lawns but too much thatch is destructive and unhealthy.  Thatch has detrimental effects on lawns and properties. This is what occurs as the trees are loosing their leaves in the Fall. The leaves create a barriers in the photosynthesis process for the grass below since the thatch layer can prevent sunlight, water and oxygen in passing to the grass. It has an unhealthy effect on the yard if homeowners let leaves pile up on their lawn such as:

  • Excessive thatch in properties can cause lawn mower difficulties and root problems
  • It can destroy the growth of grass
  • It creates an uneven lawn
  • Increase pest problems in the area might occur

All-State Pest and Lawn offers leaf removal as one of their lawn maintenance service. We can help our clients preventing thatch formation. The company’s skilled personnel will also help in managing thatch in lawns and properties.

Lawn aeration is also a preventive maintenance practice for thatch control. Regular lawn aeration helps and improves air movements in the soil and results to breakdown of thatch. All-State Pest and Lawn also offers lawn aeration making it convenient for their clients in achieving an attractive and hassle-free lawn service.

All-State Pest and Lawn also offers proper lawn fertilization programs that are adequate for a healthy growth of your lawn. All-State Pest and Lawn has the best products that ensures a healthy lawn.

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Ant Extermination

Fall Leaf Clean-up

Homeowners love to have the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood. However, there are different factors to consider like having proper landscaping plan and investing in the right maintenance team.

There are homeowners who would choose to save money and decides to create a DIY landscape and would prefer to clean personally their own yard. However, we understand that life is busy!  Spend your time enjoying your yard instead of working on it.  Call the best lawn maintenance team in town, All-State Pest and Lawn!

Ongoing Lawn Care and Leaf Removal

All-State Pest and Lawn has the best equipment for handling Fall leaf removal like blowers, shredders and leaf rakes. We have professional personnel that clients can handle any of your lawn care problems.

From winterizing a irrigation system to pest control services, All-State Pest and Lawn can help you.  Give us a call today to learn more!

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