Pest Control for Bugs

All-State Pest and Lawn offers exemplary pest service to keep your home or business pest free. We understand how important it is to keep your home clean and clear of unwanted bugs and vermin.

Pest Control For Bugs Is No Problem

You think having your kids move back in after college is bad? Imagine having guests living between your walls leaving feces and infected dust particles on everything they touch and chewing on electrical wiring, which can cause house fires. These are house guests you don’t want and thousands of homes each year use pest control services to combat infestations of rats, mice, and insects. If this is Your Problem it is No Problem for All-State Pest and Lawn. We provide pest control services to remove these pests from your space and ensuring that they do not return.

All-State Pest and Lawn offers exemplary pest service to keep your home or business pest free. We understand how important it is to keep your home clean and clear of unwanted bugs and vermin. It starts with having dependable and trustworthy pest control services provided at an accessible cost. All-State Pest and Lawn strives to offer pest service at an affordable price.

We know that you don’t want bugs or mice in your home or in your business. They’re unsanitary and a health hazard. Their waste alone can cause major health hazards. Mouse waste can carry viruses, bacteria, and diseases that can infect humans within the area. Our team specializes in the creation of pest control programs to make sure any mice stay clear of your facility. All-State Pest and Lawn offers pest control management services that not only kills pests that may already be present in the home but also deters any new pests from moving in.

All-State Pest and Lawn also offers pest service for termites. Termites could be in your home, business, or yard quietly thriving and destroying the structure of your building without showing any outward signs of damage. We know how important maintaining the structural integrity of your dwelling is. Having All-State Pest and Lawn control pests like termites in your space is a good investment in your property. All-State Pest and Lawn has pest control management services that not only eliminate the presence of termites from your space but also will work as a preventative to keep them from returning.

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Signs of pest infestations

Due to the microscopic size of many pests, it may be very difficult to see signs of their presence until it is overwhelming. It is always better to have All-State Pest and Lawn create a pest control program for your facility before you see signs. Prevention is a key part of our pest service!

If you notice grease marks or excrement in your space, particularly along the baseboards, on the counter along the wall, or where you store food, these could be signs of a mouse presence. However, these signs may not be present if the mice are living within the walls, underneath the home, or in the attic. Gnawed on or chewed wires are another sign of possible mouse presence and should be checked for to maintain the electrical integrity and safety of your space.

If you have encountered any odd smells where you are unable to find the source, this could be a sign of vermin presence in your home. All-State Pest and Lawn can create a preventative pest control program that will decrease the chances of this ever happening.

Call us and allow us to create a pest control program to kill the pests already present and deter any pests from returning to your space. Pests tend to seek shelter in human spaces when the weather is cooler or when there is an excess of moisture. We have pest control management with preventative measures in mind to help keep your building pest free even during the winter months and rainy seasons.

Our Services

Whether you are looking to combat a current infestation or you are looking to take preventative steps to keep from having a pest problem, All-State Pest and Lawn is capable of handling your needs.

We create an individualized pest control program tailored specifically for your needs, however, our services cover:


  • Black Widow
  • Brown Recluse
  • Hobo Spider
  • Jumping Spider
  • Common Household Spider
  • Wolf Spider


  • The Camel Cricket


  • Carpenter Ants
  • Little Black Ants
  • Odorous House Ants
  • Pavement Ants
  • Fire Ants

Fleas and ticks

It is our personal goal to rid your home or business of any and all pests, in the present, and in the future.

Pest Control for Insects & Bugs

Your Problem is No Problem!

With All-State Pest and Lawn, you can trust that your property will be handled with care and respect. All of our licensed pest control professionals go through sensitivity training as well as months of professional training before they are allowed to work in the field. Many of our technicians have been with us for years, displaying a strong understanding and willingness to strive for the core values our business was built on. Communication between the client and pest control professionals is paramount. Our technicians will work with you to create a pest control program tailored specifically to your individual needs. We strive to meet even the highest expectations. Our job is not complete until we are satisfied there will be no future infestations!

All-State Pest and Lawn has been working in the Memphis area for seven (7) decades. We pride ourselves on setting the bar for professional, sensitive, quality services that place us above compare with other pest control companies. We offer only the most impeccable service including termite treatments, bugs, and other unwanted insects. You can’t trust just any pest control company with the responsibility of protecting your investment, your needs, and your family. All-State Pest and Lawn can create a pest control program individually tailored for your home, your needs, and your family with the utmost respect and sensitivity.

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