Bed Bugs

Did you bring some unwanted visitors home?  Let us help get rid of them for good!

Did Bed Bugs Follow You Home?

Bed bugs are anything but not dangerous. Sure, they don’t spread disease like mosquitoes and ticks, but they can cause much inconvenience and even force you to visit a doctor.

The biggest danger comes in the form of bug bites. A bug bite might affect each person differently. People who come off worst are those with a history of hypersensitivity.  Such individuals might experience mild or even severe allergic reaction to a bite. Immediate medical attention is advised in the case of severe allergic reaction.

Bug bites can cause itching and sometimes excessive scratching, which in turn might increase the likelihood of developing a secondary skin infection.

Loss of sleep is another harmful effect of bed bugs infestation. It can result in you feeling physically and mentally tired during the day, but that’s not all. Chronic loss of sleep (which can easily happen if you don’t remedy the situation) increases the risk of several health conditions, including depression and heart-related conditions.

So, for safety and health of your family, you should tackle the problem head-on as soon as you realize that you have a problem.

Read on to understand when you need to invest in beg bug removal and how to go about it. However, let’s first see how these little perky creatures enter your house and common tell-tale signs of infestation.

bed bug extermination

How does the problem start?

These little irritating creatures are extremely good at two things: hiding and hitchhiking.

Thanks to their slim bodies, they can hide in smallest of places, like seams and folds of overnight bags, luggage, bedding, furniture, and folded clothes, and can stay in hiding for a long time, even without food. From there, these perky creatures travel with your belongings and can enter homes, offices, and other buildings. 

In short, you mistakenly bring these perky blood suckers home when you:

  • stay in a hotel without ensuring your room is free of these blood suckers
  • buy used clothes and bring them home without washing them first
  • bring old books to your home
  • buy used furniture

Signs of bed bug infestation

Some of the signs you must watch out for include the following:

  1. Reddish stains or smears on your bed sheets and mattresses. Check your sheets as well as mattresses for smears or blood stains. These occur when you accidently crush bed bugs while sleeping.
  1. Shed skins. Do you know these blood suckers shed their skin as many as 5 times before they reach maturity? What this means is if these creatures are present in your home, there would be a lot of shed skin, which is yellow in color and has an appearance of empty egg shell.
  1. Excrements. Presence of black roundish spots—excrements of these pesky creatures–on your sheets, walls, and furniture is another sure sign of infestation.
  1. Bites. These blood suckers bite, so if you have bites on the body, it means your house is infected with them.
  1. Live Bugs. If you see live bugs, it’s time for a bed bugs extermination exercise. 

Why You Must Act Quickly

You must take action as soon as you realize your house is infested. Why you may ask. Well, for one it is much easier to remove these little pesky creatures when the infestation is still in its early stages. Two, if you tackle the problem before it gets out of control, your bed bugs extermination cost would be lower.

Treating a widespread infestation is not impossible, but it certainly is harder than treating an infestation which is in the initial stages. A widespread infestation will require more time, resources, and money.

Worse, you and your family will be exposed to the dangers of infestation for so much longer if you delay taking action, and surely that’s something you wouldn’t want.

How to tackle infestation?

When it comes to getting rid of these irritating bugs, residents trust one name and one name only: All-State Pest and Lawn.

With years of experience and a proven track record, we have you all covered. We use time-tested proven methods which effectively remove these blood suckers from your house, without causing any damage to your house or belongings.

Whether the infestation is severe or in initial stage, we have the means to make your home “bed bugs free” in no time at all.

After exterminating these unwanted small creatures from your home, our experts will also give you advice about how to prevent an outbreak in future, so that you and your family can sleep peacefully and stay healthy.

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