Bee Removal

If you have a colony of bees in your home or garden or backyard, you are likely to feel threatened—and for good reasons. A garden beehive can put your and your family’s safety at risk.

Bee Extermination Vs Removal

All-State Pest And Lawn offers bee removal. Because of the growing concerns regarding dwindling bee population, our experts try to only remove bees from their current location to a more ideal one.

If you have a permanent hive or a large beehive, you can count on us to conserve the bee population inside it. Removing a large beehive requires a long removal process. Such a job needs specialized equipment and suits, as well as an intuitive approach.

Thanks to years of experience in removing all types of beehives from varied locations, our experts possess the know-how to safely remove large or permanent beehive. If you are looking for a service providing pest control for bees, look no further than All-State Pest And Lawn.

Bees Can Cause Damage to Your House

Bees are dangerous to not only humans but also buildings. Your property can incur substantial damage because of presence of a beehive. As different types of bees affect buildings differently, the ideal pest control for bee would vary. You should get in touch with a reputable pest removal service if you notice a beehive on the walls of your property or in the backyard or in the front garden.

Honeybees typically enter a property through tiny openings in soffits and eaves. They can quickly create honeycombs which can fill the wall cavities entirely. Even if you are not worried about the health hazards associated with a bee hive, the risk of damage to your property might convince you to take a definite action.

The sheer weight of large honeybee colonies can inflict damage on your walls or roofs. As the colonies grow, honey and wax, as well as other waste, can seep inside your home through the walls. 

While it might be possible to remove a new bee swarm on your own, you should always contact an expert for removing a permanent or large beehive. As a matter of fact, it would be best you give a call to a reputable pest control service even when the bee swarm is new. That’s because if you are not careful, you can suffer multiple bee stings. So let the expert do the work for you.

Bee Stings

The fear of a bee sting is perhaps the number one reason why homeowners opt for bee removal. Bee stings are painful and usually there’s a fair bit of swelling at the site. When a bee stings, it excretes a stinger containing venom into the skin of the victim. The initial pain of the sting and swelling gradually leads to itching.

The biggest danger of a backyard beehive is not a single bee sting. Bees attack in numbers. Someone who’s at the receiving end of a bee attack can suffer multiple bee stings, which can be extremely painful and dangerous.

Bee Allergies

Bee stings are painful for everyone, but in case of people allergic to bees, they can be outright deadly. These people experience additional symptoms such as fainting, vomiting, nausea, and difficulty breathing.

If you are allergic to bees and experience multiple stings, seek medical attention immediately. In case of a serious bee attack, a person with extreme allergy to bees can experience severe symptoms and even die if immediate medical attention is not sought.

Why Choose All-State Pest And Lawn for Bee Removal Service?

You must always contact a professional removal service if you a permanent hive on the walls or garden or backyard. When it comes to removing beehives, homeowners in and around Memphis trust only one name: All-State Pest And Lawn.

We have handled hundreds of bee removals in and around Memphis. We can remove or exterminate the bees, whichever you prefer. We remove the bees live and also seal and repair the space to ensure bees cannot get inside the structure or house anymore. No place is out of our reach when it comes to removing bees. We do buildings, apartments, walls, chimneys, backyard, garden, and trees.

We offer the following advantages to you:

  • Years of experience in doing pest control for bees
  • Quick, prompt service (We will reach you as quickly as possible after getting your call)
  • Experience, highly-trained professionals
  • Equipped to handle all kinds of beehives
  • Offer bee removal services

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