Centipede Extermination

Do you have Centipedes or Millipedes in your home?  Let us get rid of these unwanted pests!

Centipede and Millipede Extermination

Do you know why centipedes invade your homes? And what about the Millipedes who like to crawl in every corner of your property?

Centipedes and Millipedes normally live in a damp area outdoors such as stones, tree barks, and decaying leaves and even in mulch. Although they are not known to cause any diseases to humans or damage they will surely bring shivers to your spine with their gross and grisly appearance.

If you happen to accidentally injure or encounter a large centipede or a “thousand leggers,” it will likely defend itself and ‘bite’ you. Luckily, smaller centipedes cannot penetrate into the human skin. On the other hand, Millipedes harmless and are considered as “crunchy worms” when stepped on.

These bugs are hardly noticeable inside your homes and that is why they are considered as occasional invaders. However, most people find these bugs a nuisance when seen crawling on bathroom and kitchen sinks, basements, garage, drains and even crawl spaces.

If you want your home to be free from all these unwanted pests, All-State Pest and Lawn offers you extensive, reliable and top quality products for pest control for centipedes, pest control for millipede and other unwanted pests such as bugs, spiders, and vermin in your homes.

First, let us understand and know why centipedes and millipedes are likely to invade our homes and what attracts them to come into our property.

So, after you’ve contacted us we are going to employ a solution which is tailored for your particular problem. This is the main reason for which we take our time to ensure that we are dealing with a particular species. A state-certified pest expert is going to start handling the treatment. The latter is appointed at a time which is convenient for you and is tailored as per your own personal schedule.

We tend to implement approaches which are particularly sensitive and environmentally friendly. We understand that some of the chemicals used by a lot of ant extermination companies are rather strong and impactful. We, however, implement all the necessary safety protocols in order to induce treatments which are pet and child friendly.

Aftercare is Tremendously Important

Remember how we mentioned that ants are particularly pesky? Well, we truly meant it – this is one of the problem which tends to reoccur quite a lot if it’s not handled properly. This is the main reason for which our services also include convenient and appropriate aftercare treatments. These are guaranteed solutions which are going to ensure that the problem is thoroughly and fundamentally eradicated.

Millipede Extermination

Normally, Millipedes live outdoors but they are more attracted in the comfort of damp areas such as flower beds, storages and even under a dog house. Millipedes thrive in the damp soil since their diet includes dead plant material and decaying wood particles. Once the weather condition outside changes from wet to dry, they are likely inching their way into your homes. 

Millipedes are known to move out from their normal habitat in preparation for the winter months. Also, they migrate when heavy rain floods the surrounding they inhabited and this is why they make their way into our homes crawling into the very foundation of our homes, vents, garage doors and other opening or crack they fit into.

Since they like to live in a damp place, they could be hiding under a dark and undisturbed spot like your basements, furniture, storage box and other dark corners of your homes. But once they were not able to find a damp spot and with less source of moisture and food supply; they are less likely to survive a few days.

For an effective way of pest control for millipedes, you should not ignore any rotting vegetation, decaying plant material or fruits on the ground. If in case the infestation is becoming large and uncontrollable, it is time to seek a professional’s help for removing the entire population of pest and other unwanted invaders in your property.

Even though millipedes are harmless to us humans, we cannot deny the fact that they are still a pest.

Pest Control for Centipedes

centipede exterminationCentipedes are an occasional invader but no matter how fairly common they show up crawling on your walls and sinks; they are still considered as a pest.

Centipedes are known to have a hundred plus pairs of legs. They come in reddish orange to brown and their size ranges from 4 to 152 mm, depending on the type of the species. Centipedes have a pair of long sensitive claw-like antennae that contains a venom gland which is used to detect and paralyze their prey such as worms and other small vertebrate pests.

For everyone’s knowledge—centipedes do not harm humans nor carry any diseases. If you happen to notice centipedes invading your home, it is because they are attracted to the insects and other pests lurking in your property.

If centipedes become a problem, it is time for you to call your trusted pest control team for an effective way of pest control for centipedes and to remove the entire population of the unwanted pests in your property.

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