Cockroach Extermination

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Do You Need Cockroach Extermination?

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As we all know, cockroaches are one of the most common and unpleasant types of insects living in the corners of your home. In addition, they also carry diseases and other illness that might compromise your health.

These insects are nasty that can cause respiratory problems, food poisoning, skin allergies and much more.  Everywhere these roaches go; it drops fecal matter (little black specks that look like coffee grounds.)  They can be a health hazard, as they cause allergic reactions and can spread diseases.

Roaches invade our homes in search of food and shelter. Once they have infiltrated your home and other building facilities, they begin to infest and multiply in just a span of time posing threats to your health and comfort.

What Are The Common Roaches?

Prior to deciding to go cockroach extermination spree, it is best to have your plans laid. If you believe your home is already infested, it is best to know what type of roaches have invaded your home. By identifying the difference between these insects, we will be able to know what type of cockroach extermination program we are going to carry out. There are two different types of roaches that are common: 

American Cockroaches (The Big Ones)

Normally, American roaches live outdoors since they prefer damp and warm areas such as flower beds. These roaches are common in wet areas also such as basements, in bathrooms and kitchens in our houses with conventional foundations but most of the time they are found in the attic.

Sometimes, these insects are found outside in rain drains and sewers. But what these insects really like to do is to invade our homes—crawl into our spaces, closets, food and other dark corners in our homes. But the most unnerving part is that American roaches fly whenever they are startled.

German Cockroaches (The Small Roaches)

German roaches are often referred to as “food roaches” because they are capable of feeding on anything or wherever they land. They are often found in bathrooms and most especially kitchens.  German roaches are scavengers. They feed on the same food items as humans, so they are likely found around food.  They also come in with goods from the store, outside shipments, or visitors that have them in their home.

Unlike American cockroach, German cockroach does not fly, instead, they prefer to run. This cockroach is known to reproduce quickly so you have to identify them before they can flood your home.

How will you know if these roaches have already infested your home?



These roaches can run very fast and can even fly, so if you noticed them invading your personal space—don’t ignore this first sign.



If you ignored from the first time of seeing them flying and scurrying into the dark corner, chances are an egg capsule will be visible in no time. You will likely see them on your closets glued to your clothes.



If you are starting to notice a fecal matter on your countertops, drawers, pantries and other corners of your home, there is a hundred percent chance that these roaches have started to feel at ease feeding in your home



The nastiest among these four is when you smell a musty odor on your mugs, utensils, plates and other personal belongings—they have now fully invaded your homes. Roaches are known to secretes numerous odor compounds and this is to keep them from staying together in groups.

Once you have noticed these four major signs, do not ignore them and never hesitate to call us for cockroach extermination. You might be thinking of doing it by yourself to avoid from crashing your pockets. But have you ever thought about how much you are spending more on useless products that don’t even have the slightest effects on these unwanted pests? You are only wasting your time, money and effort.

Yes, you might be able to get rid of them for the meantime such as cleaning your place and storing your food properly. But the real question is how long will you be able to keep up with this kind of pests? How will you fully get rid of these cockroaches?

So, what are you waiting for? We have the best program established for you. We care about our clients and we want you to know that we mean business when it comes to a situation like this. 

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