Flea Extermination

Have you noticed fleas around your home or business?  Let us help!

Flea Extermination Is No Problem With All-State Pest and Lawn

Many homeowners dismiss fleas as nothing more than nuisance—only to regret it later.

If you have fleas buzzing around all over your home but are doing nothing about it, you are putting your family’s and pet’s health at risk.

Fleas are known to transmit many diseases to animals, as well as humans. Fleas can inflict serious harm to your family and pets through their bites. (Yes, fleas bite humans also, although usually less frequently than they bite animals.)

If your house is infested with fleas, call in the experts without a delay. You can count on All-State Pest and Lawn to quickly take effective corrective measures and make your house “flea free” in practically no time all.

With years of experience in flea extermination, we have the knowledge and solutions to tackle flea infestation, even the most severe ones, quickly and effectively.

Causes of Flea Infestations

Your house can be infested with fleas in you live in an area where fleas are common. The risk of flea infestation also increases if you have a pet at home.

Your pet might bring fleas from outside. Fleas might hop onto the fluffy fur of your pet from infested grass or dirt or another animal. Fleas reproduce fast and soon the handful of fleas that your pet brought with it from outside could become the cause of a full-fledged infestation.

Favorite hiding places of fleas include, among others, floor cracks, furniture, and bedding. As these tiny, wingless blood suckers breed in places that are warm and moist, the risk of infestation is highest during summer.

Signs of a Flea Infestation

Is spotting of a few fleas cause for calling in professionals? Maybe. However, alarm bells should start ringing if you spot a few fleas buzzing around in your home.

Remember, you must get rid of the few fleas you’ve spotted as quickly as possible. Also watch out for signs of a full-blown flea infestation. If you suspect you are dealing with a flea infestation, don’t delay calling a professional service offering pest control for fleas.

You have a flea infestation problem and need effective pest control for fleas in your home if you notice:

  • fleas hopping on the furniture, carpet, or drapery
  • innumerable dot-like insect on the pet’s fur
  • your pet scratching, biting, or licking its fur continuously

A flea infestation can cause scabs in your pet. It might develop pale gums as a direct result of blood loss. The risk of tapeworms is significantly higher in pets with flea infestation than pets without such a problem, because certain tapeworm species use fleas as hosts.

Treating Your Home for Fleas

When it comes to carrying out pest control for fleas in house, you should trust a reliable flea extermination provider, such as All-State Pest and Lawn.   

We kill more than just the bugs. We effectively deal with all stages of flea’s life cycle to ensure your home becomes “flea free” in no time at all.

We understand the need to carry a flea extermination process as soon as flea infestation has been noticed and that’s why we get to you fast and tackle the problem without wasting a minute.

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