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An infestation of flies is enough to drive anyone crazy, but did you know that these pests can also make your family sick? House flies, gnats and drain flies are known to be “pathogen collectors” through their mouth and legs. They can transmit severe diseases in food through walking and vomiting.  Most of the time, DIY solutions aren’t enough to get rid of these pests.  All State Pest and Lawns can help you create a plan to exterminate your fly problem for good.


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Pest Control for Drain Flies

All-State Pest and Lawn can help in identifying drain flies, preventing drain fly infestation, finding the source of an infestation and provide control options. The team is trained to do these tasks and homeowners can relax and be comfortable in their homes.

It is important to identify the appearance and behavior of a drain fly. Commonly drain flies are found in the kitchen and bathroom. They are most active at night they are also known as moth flies, sewer or sink flies. These flies are small with fuzzy wings. Their breeding areas that can be found in each home are air conditioners, rain barrels, garbage can and clogged roof gutters. These flies are common in warm months.

The best way to prevent drain fly infestations is to keep windows and doors closed or screened them. Periodically clean all drains and other breeding areas that can be found inside each home.

To confirm that a drain is the source of infestation, coating an empty jar with petroleum jelly will immobile the flies and can be easily identified. There is a need to locate the source of the infestation.

Once the source of the infestation is found thoroughly clean the drain with brush or cleaner to eliminate the larvae that has been develop inside. All-State Pest and Lawn team is trained to spot drain fly breeding spots and has tools that are helpful in the operations.

Pest Control for Gnats

Gnats are known as fruit flies and are weak fliers, they are long-legged and small insects. There are different types of gnats these are, Fungus Gnats, Eye Gnats, and Buffalo Gnats.

Fungus gnats, also known as winter gnats, lived in an environment where it’s damp, decaying mater and mold exist. Fungus gnats exist in a place with high humidity levels where the soil is over-watered.

Eye gnats are known as non-biting gnat that have been connected to the transfer of human severe conditions and diseases such as conjunctivitis. They live in areas with a sandy soil but can adapt in any kind of environment.

Buffalo gnats are similar with eye gnats they are also known as “black fly”. They are commonly found in a moist environment.

Some gnats’ larvae are aquatic and free living. They have slender body and dark wings. Some of its females do not have wings which makes it unique.

Fungus gnat larvae damage plant roots. Moist and warm environment favor their rapid development. These insects carry parasites that transmit diseases in animals and human.

Adult gnats can easily be identified, fruits in respective homes should be kept and limit air exposure.If possible food like vegetables and fruits should be refrigerated or sealed. Once their food is limited or removed these insects will die and some of them will transfer to another environment where food is available.

One way of preventing fungus gnats is to lower soil moisture if possible this will prevent root rot.

All-State Pest and Lawn can help in removing contaminated soil and breeding spots. The team has tools like contact spray and traps that are beneficial.

Pest Control for House Flies

House flies are very common in each home. These flies are pests all over the world. During daylight these flies are found on walls, floors and ceilings indoors. House flies are attracted to wide variety of food.

It is not easy to get rid of these flies but All-State Pest and Lawn assures in providing high quality fly extermination service.

These flies are common during daylight. Garbage decaying fruits, vegetables, warm organic manure of animal or poultry and piles of moist leaves are considered as breeding habits. A life cycle of a house fly is 6-10 days.

These flies commonly have sharply angled winged vein often confused with face flies and cluster flies.

The best way to prevent house flies is to clean all its possible breeding sites regularly. The importance of proper sanitation has a great contributing factor in preventing house fly eggs.

Garbage cans should have tight cover and must be clean, homes should be screened to prevent flies. Breeding sites should be removed to stop the common breeding cycle.

Eliminating flies is not an easy task but All-State Pest and Lawn has available tools that can help. Sanitation plays an important role in the environment, there are different types of flies that transmit different types of diseases.

There is a need to get rid of these insects for a safer and secure living. Scheduling a home inspection may help you get rid of house flies.

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All-State Pest and Lawn has trained staff that maintains good reputations and provides high- quality fly extermination service. Homeowners can save energy, time and money if they consult the right insect control specialist.

Consulting a professional specialist helps homeowners in Preventing Fly Infestation, finding the Source of an Infestation, and assuring Control Options these will be provided by All-State Pest and Lawn.

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