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As we all know, spiders are one of the most notorious and unwanted pests in our homes. They are feared. In fact, by simply looking at those cobwebs gets you an icky feeling. Most people develop fears of spiders because of a common notation that they can be fatal. And to add up to its notoriety—they just don’t go away easily.

Spiders often move inside your homes during the summer, when hot temperatures make them look for cooler temperatures. Brown recluses are often found in storage areas, boxes, attics, old shoes, and other dark and cool places. Spiders feed on insects and this is one of the reasons why you need our expertise on spider extermination.

Spiders are extremely hard to exterminate.  DIY treatments are temporary.  Spiders will just return the next day and the next day after—but with the help of our professional exterminators you don’t have to worry about pest control for brown recluse spiders and other unwanted pests.

Types of Spiders

There are lots of different types of spiders.  Some are fatal and dangerous, including brown recluse and black widows, which are venomous and can be deadly. And if you want to know if you can control spiders from reproducing—it’s a yes and a no at the same time.

Yes, you can sway these spiders by knocking or tearing down their cobwebs but it will only last in a span of a day or two in which you can never control them from reproducing because you were not able to locate their hiding place.

For you to be fully aware of the differences between recluse and black widow, we’ll break it down for you. Let us get started lifting the fog.

black widow spider extermination

Black Widow Spiders

Black Widows are often found outside your stacks of lumber, firewood, and other small dark spaces. Black Widows are considered as one of the most venomous spiders in the northern part of America. Its venom is as fatal as the venom of a rattlesnake.

It is known that male and juvenile black widows are harmless. But this is different for female black widows because they are a threat to humans. Occasionally, female black widows kill and eat the male spider after they mate. 

Brown Recluse Spiders

Brown recluse spider has a prominent violin-shaped figure which is seen on its abdomen. Contrary to black widows, brown recluse spiders prefer a warmer condition. These species are typically found in the central and southern part of the United States. They are likely harmful to us humans since they rarely bite people, but you have to be careful around them because they are still venomous.

Normally, the brown recluse is not aggressive, but once they are trapped they will definitely strike you without a doubt. Brown recluse are known to hunt at night and hide during the daytime.

brown recluse spider extermination
hobo spider extermination

Hobo Spider

A Hobo spider has similarities with a brown recluse. They are both brown in color but have distinct physical appearances. Hobo spider’s color ranges from rust to reddish brown with a detailed pattern on its abdomen.

Hobo Spider is an invasive type of species from Europe and is often found in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. A current scientific research indicates that Hobo spiders are not as venomous as the brown recluse’s necrotoxic venom. Therefore, indicating that these species are not a threat to humans.

Let us handle your spider extermination!

If you are worried and exhausted on getting these spiders out of your home—worry no more! Don’t stretch your pockets from buying cheap pesticides that won’t work. We, at All-State Pest and Lawn, will do the spider extermination for you! We are proud to present and offer a unique and innovative way of supervising spider activities in your homes.

We place monitors inside your home which allow us to supervise the spider’s population and prevent them from reproducing. If you are grossed out of these creatures living at the corners of your home, give us a call today and we will gladly get rid of them for you!

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