Pest Control for Rats

Pest Control for Rats is extremely important to keep the home safe from any dangerous circumstances. Rats carry serious diseases that may compensate your family’s health.

As a matter of fact, due to its widespread effect on the homes of millions, The Center for Disease Control posted a number of diseases that’s openly related to rats.

All-State Pest and Lawn Can Help You Get Rid Of Rats

Rats are known to be quite persistent in nature. In other words, once they have gained the access of your resident, they can be really annoying. Rats can easily damage your furniture and even contaminate food.

Allowing rats into a home is simply asking for trouble. Rats have been disrupting the homes of humans for a very long time. Centuries have passed and rats are pretty much alive, continuously plaguing homes of millions.

Rats are known for their unsightly sharp teeth, and their hunger for the taste of food on the table. Once rats have built their own nests, together with their health problems and viruses, they are the essence of annoyance.

Cleanliness is a huge factor when you’re taking care of a home. In other words, rat infestation is an alarming factor that dirties belongings.  All-State Pest and Lawn deals with the concern professionally with effective rodent control methods. This includes getting rid of roof rats altogether.

Here are some things that rats are prone to do:

  • Rats are able to destroy your house’s insulation
  • Chew through floor joists and walls in your residence
  • Potentially cause accidental fires thru chewing on cables and wires
  • Weaken the hill sides of homes and retaining walls thru burrowing their bodies
  • Rats living outside makes it unsafe for children and pets to visit


Why Use A Rat Exterminator?

Calling All-State Pest and Lawn makes exterminating easier for everyone. Rats do not only have surface concerns, but their unhygienic ways is unbelievably hazardous to homes.

In order to raise concern, here are some deadly health problems that’s heavily related to rat infestations.

  • Hantavirus – This is referred to be a fatal virus for people who have made contact with rat urine or feces.
  • Rat Bite Fever – Due to the bacteria that the rat carries, having a direct interaction with a saliva coming from a rat can cause high-fever. Cutting precious working hours in the process.
  • Bubonic Plague – Before anyone here was born, this was a feared plague during the Middle Ages. Interestingly, this almost caused the end of humanity. Confirmed that this was due to parasites, such as fleas carried by mice.
  • Rickettsial Diseases – There are a number of forms of Typhus that goes under this category. Again, this if often caused by rat-borne parasites. And lastly,
  • Leptospirosis – This is somewhat similar to Hantavirus, but it’s much worse. People can get this thru contact with rat urine. However, this can be the reason for lungs to bleed.


Signs You Have A Rat Infestation

It’s important to be aware of certain signs that confirm the presence of Rats. These signs down below can be alarming if there are apparent activities that are occurring in the household.

  • Droppings – This can be tricky to find as they are often in hidden places. For instance, rats often leave them in cupboards, cabinets, and other secluded areas where rats tend to live.
  • Scratching Sounds – If at night there are sounds of scuttling in the walls or randomly around the house, rats may be living in the area.
  • Random Damages – Another thing about rats is that they like to trim their teeth as it grows non-stop. The way where they can keep it in their ideal size they have to chew on solid things, such as wood.
  • Rub Marks – Rats are always scurrying around the dirt, it’s normal for their coat to be filthy. This is because their eyesight aren’t well-developed, so they rub against the walls.
  • Seeing a Single Rat – Most of the time, rats do not come alone. If there’s one running around there’s a huge chance that there are nests in the residence.
  • Nests and Burrows – Rats are tricky to find as their nature are geared for hiding. It’s important to check what’s behind boxes, fridges, cabinets, and other places where rats are most likely to be suspected. Do this from time to time.

Shocking Facts About Rats

There’s more to rats than what meets the eye. An immediate action for Pest Control for Rats is needed for every home. Here are more facts about rats that anyone should be aware of.

Ant Extermination

• Rats Love to Eat

Rats are often found eating, that’s why a lot of homeowners use mouse traps with cheese as it easily attracts them. They have ten to fifteen percent of their bodyweight on a daily basis in food.

Moreover, rats must eat at least fifteen to twenty-five times every single day. They can live up to two long years, and in that span, they can eat more than a hundred pounds of food.

By birth, rats already have peculiar platelets. This means that they can actually damage more food than what they actually consume.

Black rats are a beat in nature, they can chew on anything they find. While the brown rats are a bit picky in comparison to the first one. They often leave crumbs of the food they have eaten, and to make sure that they the place to themselves, they urinate their location, damaging the entire food package.

  • Rats Don’t Know When To Stop

Even if the rats from the inside have successfully moved out, this doesn’t stop them from destroying your residence. Rats are known to destroy gardens and lawns once they are out of the building.

They often feed on seedling and bulbs, making gardens unsightly for families and visitors.


Get Professional Rat Extermination Help

All-State Pest and Lawn has helped hundreds of families with their pest-related concerns. We have our well-trained experts to cater the problem as soon as we received the call. Ensuring the safety of your home, furniture, pets, and kids are our top-priority. A specialized team member will answer any of your questions as soon as possible.

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