Pest Control for Mice

Mice are common in our household and businesses. They can adapt and fit themselves in a small passage. They are dangerous animals transmits severe diseases and bacteria to humans through their feces and parasites.

They cause destruction and trouble. Equipment’s in businesses and household materials are commonly destroyed and damaged by these animals. There is a significant factor in knowing its characteristic and behavior. These pets have different characteristics:


  • Male mice are typically larger than female mice.
  • Their usual life span is 1.5 – 2.5 years
  • They have small rounded ears and pointed snout
  • They can adapt in any kind of environment

There are hundreds of types of Mice divided into subfamilies. Mice have poor eye sight but they have a strong sense of hearing and smell. Through this they can locate food fast and easy.

Although people often talk about mice and rats as if they’re the same thing, they are different. These are the characteristics of a rat:


  • Rats are bigger than mice
  • They are keen observant in their environment most of them can identify traps and predators easily
  • They carry harmful bacteria and severe diseases

Pest control for mice and rats

The presence of rats and mice are overwhelming. These animals are dangerous and there is a need to get rid of them immediately. You can find these animals everywhere and this transmits bacterias in our body. So how can a rodent infestation be figured out?

There are a lot of ways to find out and identify if there are rodents inside the house or business establishments:

Look for any holes in structure and damage materials, object or equipment inside the house or establishment

Remember how we mentioned that ants are particularly pesky? Well, we truly meant it – this is one of the problem which tends to reoccur quite a lot if it’s not handled properly. This is the main reason for which our services also include convenient and appropriate aftercare treatments. These are guaranteed solutions which are going to ensure that the problem is thoroughly and fundamentally eradicated.

Rats teeth marks are rough and large, signs of small chunks of woods around the damaged structures are a sign for rodent infestation. They love to gnaw and chew on everything they can. Aside from that they used soft materials to build their homes or nest.

Search for their Nest or Dark Spaces

Rats like warm and dark spaces for their nest. Attics, boxes, cabinets dyers, stove and heaters can be their nest. The need to locate their nest is important and an advantage to the homeowners.

Look for any rat trails, urine and feces

Rats feces are dark in color if they are fresh, whereas older feces are grey in color. Rat urine has a foul odor this can be seen in walls and floors that looks like grease stains. Homeowners can check rat trails, urine and feces in cabinets, drawers, closets and mostly in dark corners.


All-State Pest and Lawn uses the best mouse trap baits to eliminate rodent’s infestation. Mice are attracted to fatty and sweet foods. They will eat anything they can find since they eat 15-20 times per day this can be an advantage to use baits to lures rodents.

There are a lot of baits to trap mice, these are cheese, marshmallow, peanut butter and fruits. Additionally, floss, shredded paper, yarn and strings can also be used as nesting material baits.


Traps are helpful in reducing mice from houses and business. There are different kinds of traps that are harmful but All-State Pest and Lawn team are skillful enough to protect and secure the safety of the clients.


These materials are effective to catch mice and rats in each home. These are made with the best adhesive formula to provide a quality service for the client.

There are different types of glueboards traps that is best for a specific situation. All-State Pest and Lawn can manage these circumstances respectively.

These can be done easily with the help of All-State Pest and Lawn, they have tools and proper baits, traps and glue boards.

Mice removal

Mice are omnivorous, they like to eat meat, grains, fruits and seeds. Mice eat around 15-20 times per day and build their homes in places where they can access food easily.

They can contaminate food and may cause Hantavirus is one of a threat that can contaminate human and other animals through inhalation.

Laboratories use mice as test subjects for medicines since mice are like humans in how their minds, behavior, characteristics and bodies work. Additionally, all modern medicine is tested on mice or rats before they go to human medical trials since they’re characteristics and behavior are unique. They can feel different and unique temperature changes and movements in the ground through the help of their whiskers. Moreover, mice make ultrasonic sounds while communicating with other mice.

Commonly mice are also known as “very good jumpers” they can jump for almost 18 inches in the air and they can climb, balance and swim as well.

Mouse infestation can grow rapidly that makes it difficult to eradicate. The importance of cleanliness and proper sanitation should be focused in this dilemma. Mouse proofing and pest control methods should be applied to live a healthy lifestyle.

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