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Lawn Services

When it comes to knowing what a lawn needs and when, our technicians will make sure that you have the healthiest lawn in the entire neighborhood. We offer a plan that helps your lawn get the required nutrients and help prevent weeds that can ruin its prestigious look.

Landscape Services

We aim to work with you to provide the perfect landscape that you desire. Our All-State Memphis Lawn Care experts will listen to your suggestions and work with you to provide you with what you need.

Bed Bugs Solutions

If you have bite marks when you wake up in the morning, or have been seeing brown spots on your bed sheets, your mattress may be infested with bed bugs. But don’t worry! All-State has the solution for eliminating those pests! Our technicians will exterminate the bugs and stop the spread to other parts of the house.

Termite Solutions

Termites can be a huge problem as they can spread fast and eat all the wood around your house’s foundations, making it weak. Call us today and keep the lovely wood finish of your home intact.

Mosquito Solutions

Mosquitoes come out at night and can be a real problem, when you’re trying to sleep, with the constant biting and buzzing around the ears. All-State Pest and Lawn knows how to deal with these flying blood suckers and will give you a mosquito free home!

Mice and Rat Solutions

Mice and rats can not only be unhealthy but are incredibly mischievous to have around the house. You might find one of your socks missing or squeaks coming from within the walls. Our team specializes in finding the nest and kicking the rodents out of your house.

Pest Control Solutions

You name it, we kill it. We will take care of anything that has entered your home without permission and is causing a problem in your everyday life. Our staff is full of highly trained professionals who understand the behavior of the pests that can infest your home.